Victor Dog Food Review – Is it worth buying?

Victor dog food is one of the best among dry dog foods. It is manufactured in the state of Texas, United States of America. It has a huge range of foods from treats to grain free and every other type according to the different dog breeds and requirements. It has the right proportion of all the minerals and vitamins. It is a very good, gluten-free and high protein recipe that is loved by the dogs. It uses immense types of meat in its formula and offers a huge range of dog foods. It supports the immune system and aids digestibility in dogs.

Victor Dog food Reviews and feeding Guide:

Here is a complete guideline about Victor food for dogs along with the customer reviews.


  1. Victor dog food ingredients.
  2. Victor dog food feeding chart.
  3. Victor dog food reviews.
  4. Victor dog food puppy.
  5. Victor Professional dog food.
  6. Victor dog food grain free.
  7. Victor dog food near me.
  8. Victor dog food petsmart.
  9. Victor dog food walmart.
  10. Victor dog food tractor supply.
  11. Is Victor safe for dogs?
  12. What company owns Victor dog food?
  13. How long has VICTOR dog food been around?
  14. Is VICTOR AAFCO approved?
  15. Does Victor dog food source from China?
  16. Has Victor dog food ever had a recall?
  17. Are dogs allergic to Victor dog food?
  18. Is Victor dog food good for allergies?
  19. Which Victor dog food is best for dogs with allergies?
  20. Is VICTOR dog food balanced?
  21. Is Victor dog food good for sensitive stomachs?
  22. Is Victor dog food linked to DCM?
  23. Is Victor Nutra Pro a good dog food?
  24. Does Walmart sell VICTOR dog food?
  25. Is all Victor dog food grain free?
  26. Is Victor grain free dog food good for dogs?
  27. Does VICTOR dog food have glucosamine?
  28. How much Victor dog food should I feed my dog?
  29. Is Victor dog food high in fat?
  30. How many stars does VICTOR dog food have?
  31. Does VICTOR dog food have a nutritionist?
  32. Why is VICTOR dog food so good?
  33. Conclusion.

Victor dog food ingredients:

There is a large number of ingredients used in the victor food. It has:

  • Chicken meal.
  • Chicken fat.
  • Fish meal.
  • Pork.
  • Blood meal dried.
  • Grain millet.
  • Alfalfah meal.
  • Yeast.
  • Natural flavor.
  • Carrot powder.
  • Tomato pomace.
  • Salt.
  • Potassium chloride.

Victor dog food feeding chart:

According to victor feeding chart, you can add three parts of victor in a bowl with one part of water, milk or broth. But do not let this mixture stay uneaten for long or it will start getting fungus.

  • If you have 10 lbs of victor food packet, then just feed your hound one cup out of it.
  • With 20 lbs packet, feed your dog with 1 1/4th cup.
  • With 30 lbs packet, feed 1 3/4 th cup.
  • If you have a 40 lbs packet, then feed 2 ½ cup of victor dog food.

Victor dog food reviews:

People are extremely satisfied by the use of victor food for their dogs.

  • Some people think that when they started using this dog food, their picky eater hound loved its taste and flavor.
  • Victor also helped the dogs with grain allergies.
  • Puppy owners think that it is a healthy start for their little pups and they seem to like its taste too.
  • Customers are of the view that although other dog foods are comparatively cheaper than the victor but they love victor’s quality and most importantly, their canine friend loved it.
  • There is a visible improvement in dog’s coat, along with that dogs are seen more active and full of energy after eating victor.

Victor dog food puppy:

Victor’s Grain free Active dog and Puppy food is specially formulated for puppies. These growing puppies need extra amount of minerals to grow and this puppy food is best because:

  • It has nutrients for proper development of the dog’s muscles, bones, skin and immune system along with other body parts.
  • It is good for puppies that have active lifestyle.
  • It also serves the puppies that have any kind of allergies.

Victor Professional dog food:

Victor professional dry food is of premium quality specially designed for all the life stages of dogs.

  • It has high protein content of about 26%.
  • It is very high in energy content and is an ideal dog food for active dogs.
  • It comes in many flavors like beef, chicken, pork etc.
  • It provides strength to the immune system and promotes shiny skin and coat of the dogs.
  • It has a good amount of amino acids, minerals and vitamins and offers a complete balanced formula for growing, lactating and sporty dogs.

Victor dog food grain free:

  • All the victor curb foods are grain free, gluten free and free of soy and corn.
  • It is free of grain thus suitable for all the dogs that have grain allergies.
  • These foods are made grain free keeping in mind that most of the dogs have grain reluctant bodies that don’t accept any kind of grains.
  • Also some types of victor curb foods are hypoallergenic and they fight effectively against any kind of allergies like grain and protein allergies.
  • Grain free food is considered to be related to DCM according to FDA but research is still going on in this matter.

Victor dog food near me:

Victor curb food can be found anywhere at local stores as it is easily available at discounted prices at walmart, tractor supply, amazon etc. You can also find it online on yelp, instacart and pet supermarket. It is available in many online shops along with the pet stores. As the company has discontinued production, its availability around the stores has decreased. But on online stores, it is readily available.

Victor dog food petsmart:

Victor food is not found at petsmart. The petsmart only sells the brands that sells fresh dog food. It delivers the fresh dog food at the door steps.

Victor dog food walmart:

Walmart is one of the biggest retailers of victor food in United States. Walmart sells every type of victor curb food and victor food treats. You can just order your hound’s food from walmart anytime and the food will be delivered at your doorsteps.

Victor dog food tractor supply:

Tractor supply is a rural company and retail shop that has been in service for last 80 years. It has a huge range of products in its stores. All types of victor curb food are found at the tractor supply stores throughout United States. The victor food is sold at comparatively low prices at tractor supply shops because the retail store offers many discounts. The Tractor supply owns petsense, an initiative started to provide pet parents all the facilities and huge amount of pet food in small rural communities throughout the country.

Is Victor safe for dogs?

Yes, this food is completely safe for dogs. It is good for all types of dog breeds and sizes either small, medium or large. Always give measured proportion of this curb food to your hairy animal. In case of any reactions or allergies, consult your veterinarian.

What company owns Victor dog food?

Mid America Pet Food is the company that owns it. It was founded in 2007 and produces all of its dog food at the manufacturing site in MT Pleasant Texas. This company was founded by Scott Glover.

How long has VICTOR dog food been around?

It has been around since 2007, so technically this curb food has been in the market since almost 16 years. That is a big timeline for any curb food and that is why throughout this time, Victor has made its mark in the curb food industry.

Is VICTOR AAFCO approved?

Yes, Victor is according to the AAFCO standards. It has been approved by AAFCO and its feeding trials have also been approved by AAFCO.

Does Victor dog food source from China?

No, not at all! This dog food is not sourced from china. Infact it is manufactured, packed and made completely in Mount Pleasant Texas in United States of America. Neither the dog food, nor any of its ingredients are sourced from china. It is purely USA made product.

Has Victor dog food ever had a recall?

No, this food never had a recall and is still commendable and praiseworthy. Although, Victor has stopped its production, but some of the stock is still in market and giving best results and has not been recalled yet.

Are dogs allergic to Victor dog food?

No, dogs are not allergic to this food. In fact this dog food has anti-allergic qualities that can protect dogs from aggravated allergies. It is grain, wheat, soy and corn free. Victor also has some yeast free formulas for dogs that are allergic to yeast.

Is Victor dog food good for allergies?

Yes, this food is good for the allergies of hounds.

  • If your dog has wheat or grain allergies, then victor offers gluten free formulas that can protect your dog from allergies.
  • If your pet is protein allergic, it offers Yukon river formula for protein allergies of beef, chicken and pork.

Which Victor dog food is best for dogs with allergies?

Yukon river canine formula is the best for dogs with allergies.

  • It is hypoallergenic.
  • It has a single protein source that is fish inside it and therefore also is grain and gluten free.
  • Dogs with allergies can be given this formula to avoid any problems in allergic dogs.

Is VICTOR dog food balanced?

Yes, it is a balanced and complete meal.

  • It has a whole blend of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are required by dogs.
  • It is a grain and gluten free formula along with good protein proportion of about 88%.
  • Combining all the ingredients, victor curb food makes a balanced and complete meal for hounds.

Is Victor dog food good for sensitive stomachs?

No, this food is made with heavy formulation and amalgamation of high potency minerals, vitamins and other ingredients like acids etc. These heavy potential ingredients are specially made for senior dogs or dogs who have high physical activity. So, this food might not be suitable for dogs with sensitive stomach and these heavy minerals may cause disturbance in dog’s stomach.

Is Victor dog food linked to DCM?

Yes, it is somehow linked to DCM because it is grain free and FDA United States (Food and Drug Association) has reported that mostly the dogs suffer the DCM (Dilated Cardiomyopathy that is dilation of heart muscles) due to the consumption of grain free foods. Therefore, victor food is somehow related to DCM as it is free of grain, soy or wheat.

Is Victor Nutra Pro a good dog food?

Yes, it is an excellent choice for the dogs that are very active. Those dogs that are involved in physical activities and have a good amount of physical training, need a good energy food and Nutra pro by victor is the best choice for such dogs.

Does Walmart sell VICTOR dog food?

Yes, Walmart sells this dog food. Walmart has a huge variety of victor food on its local stores. You can also visit Walmart website and order victor food and get it delivered to your doorsteps.

Is all Victor dog food grain free?

Yes, all the victor dog foods are grain free. Although there are different types and kinds of this curb food available in the market but all are grain and gluten free.

Is Victor grain free dog food good for dogs?

Yes, it is absolutely an excellent choice for your canine friends.

  • It is best for dogs with allergies.
  • It is good for lactating and pregnant dogs.
  • It provides nutrition to the dogs with high physical activities along with senior dogs.
  • It is a completely balanced formula and dogs love it.

Does VICTOR dog food have glucosamine?

Yes, many of the victor food varieties contain glucosamine. Glucosamine helps with joint issues. This food has added glucosamine in dog food for senior dogs to give them relief from the pain in the joints and joint muscles and other bone issues. With old age, senior hounds face joint problems, so these formulas with glucosamine promote joint health to a great extent.

How much Victor dog food should I feed my dog?

You can feed your hound with victor food in four proportions or four meals. You can also mix the food with vegetables, protein broth or milk. Water can also be used to soak victor food by adding most part of victor food and just one part of water.

Is Victor dog food high in fat?

Yes, it has high carbohydrate and fat contents because it has been mostly formulated keeping in mind the active dogs. So the victors formulas with high carbs and fats become difficult to digest for senior dogs and small dogs which may cause indigestion and weight gain in many dogs. Victor high pro plus has the highest amount of fat contents in it than the normal dog foods.

How many stars does VICTOR dog food have?

It is considered to be a high quality dog food. It has good ratings and nice reviews and according to the ratings and reviews, it has been given 4.5 star rating out of five which seems commendable and customers seem to be satisfied with this dog food for their pets.

Does VICTOR dog food have a nutritionist?

Yes, this food has a whole lot of food quality inspection team that includes a huge number of vets and nutritionists to ensure high quality of food. These nutritionists are extremely professional and expert in their field.

Why is VICTOR dog food so good?

This food is good beacuse:

  • It is a gluten and grain free formula and has a huge variety that is mostly suitable for all kinds of hounds.
  • It is approved and registered according to the AAFCO standards.
  • It is a dry curb food and is a good choice for hounds with allergies.
  • Its high protein recipes are high in energy and are suitable for active dogs.
  • Its glucosamine formula is best suitable for senior curbs.


Victor dog food is a dry dog food with a huge demand in the market and usually has a limited supply. It is a formula free of grain, gluten, wheat or soy. It is considered to be the best in the market for dogs with allergies. It does wonders for dogs with grain and protein allergies. It is most suitable for active dogs as it has high carbohydrates and fats. Its formula has never been recalled since it was launched. It is easily available on all the top stores like walmart, amazon, tractor supply etc. It fulfills all the AAFCO standards and is designed by professional nutritionists. This formula being rich in vitamins, minerals and acids might not be very suitable for sensitive stomach dogs and is also somehow linked to DCM.

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