Tailored Dog Food Review

The most nutritional food for dogs is the one with least added preservatives, no or very less food color and no artificial flavors. If you are scrutinizing over something pure and all natural, then Tailored dog food is the best way out. It’s all raw, organic and extremely healthy.


  1. What is tailored dog food?
  2. Types of tailored dog food
  3. Where is tailored dog food made?
  4. Is tailored dog food good for dogs?
  5. Best tailored dog food
  6. Tailored dog food login
  7. Tailored dog food reddit
  8. Tailored dog food price
  9. Tailored dog food coupon code
  10. Is tailored pet food legit?
  11. Is tailored dog food worth it?
  12. Conclusion

What is tailored dog food? – Complete Review:

The word tailored means “specially designed” or custom made dog food that is just like other dog food but is specially prepared to cater your dogs special nutritional needs. Every dog can be given its tailored meal according to the dog’s needs. This dog food is prepared keeping in view what specific ingredient suits your dog.

This food was launched in the year 2020. They comprise a team of veterinarians and professional nutritionists and pet lovers. As all the dogs have different body reactions, body types, sizes, breeds, and allergies, this group of professionals being fully aware of all these factors have designed this food for puppies that will individually cater to each dog’s nutritional needs. This brand is based in Pittsburgh and have extremely environmental friendly packaging.

Some dogs may be allergic to meat or grains while other dogs might find extra protein food extremely heavy. So keeping in mind all the factors like dog’s body type, breed, age, activity level, its allergies and skin types, specific food is prepared for specific type of dog so that extra ingredients may not be added and only those products are added that dog and the owner requires. In Tailored recipes, always natural and real ingredients are used and they are then boiled on a slow heat and extra moisture and bacteria are removed and food is naturally stored which retains all the nutrition inside.

Types of Tailored Dog Food:

Following are the major types of tailored dog food.

Daily Supplement Bites:

These bites are actually chewy vitamin supplements for dogs. The box contains 60 chewable tablets.

  • It is extremely helpful for dog’s bones.
  • Also for muscles and shimmery coat.
  • Makes immune system strong.
  • Improves curb’s heart health and vascular system.
  • Helps making its urinary system better.
  • Contains digestive enzymes which help the body to properly digest nutrients.
  • It is filled with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

This product is made in USA and is so flavorful that dogs eat it up without hesitation. It has a total of 4.6 out of 5 review numbering and contains potassium, calcium, phosphorus and many other important minerals. The product is made under complete supervision and according to the international standards.

Soft Chewy Treats:

These soft small treats have a handful of energetic minerals and vitamins. Doggies like chewy and easily eatable food than dry and crunchy one. Dogs like these small tailored food treats because of their strong smell and their amazing taste. There are many kinds of chewy treats for dogs.

1). Stella and Chewy freeze raw chicken heart treats:

These treats from Stella and Chewy are extremely soft gluten-free treats that are made of only pure raw chicken with no added flavors and preservatives.

2). Fruitable skinny minis grain-free soft dog treats:

These treats are extremely soft and flavorful. They come in different flavors, and have great amount of fiber that is good for dogs health. They have flax seeds and pumpkin seeds, and don’t have any preservatives, wheat, soy, and corn. In addition to this, calorie count is extremely less. One treat has just 3 calories.

3). Zukes natural training treats mini natural recipes:

These are extremely small in size but high in nutrition. They come in six different flavors: peanut butter, oats, salmon, duck,pork, chicken and rabbit. These treats have extremely low calories and dogs can be given three treats in every activity session.

4). Wellness natural pet food soft well bites natural grain free treats:

These are filled with blueberry, flax seeds and sweet potatoes which make it an energy house. These treats are also flavor-free, artificial color-free, made of natural flavors and products.

5). Fruitables skinny minis rotisserie chicken soft and chewy dog treats:

If your dogs like savory flavor more than the sweet one then this is the best choice for you. They are available in rotisserie chicken flavour and are full of healthy nutrients and minerals that are pure and natural.

6). Pure beef liver for dogs:

As the name shows that these treats are made from fresh US beef farms sourced beef liver that is a powerhouse of energy.

7). Orijen freeze dried original dog treat:

This treat is made from raw meat that is pure. The treat contains extracts from the animals cartilages, liver and bones.

Natural dental chews:

Dental chews are designed to keep in view your hound’s oral health. These dental chews not only help in plaque removal and reduction but also help in teeth flossing. They are equivalent to teeth brushing daily. These treats reduce the plaque and keeps the gums clean. Following are some of the top dental chews for dogs.

1). Whimzees:

As the name stands out, Whimzees comes in the shapes of alligators and hedgehogs that makes it quite unique. They use paprika for flavoring and use major 6 natural ingredients. They are grain and gluten-free.

2). Dental chews:

These chews have been approved by the dental veterinary oral health council. They look into tartar and reduces it.

3) Zukes Z bones dental chews:

Zukes Z bones is a doggy travel partner. These are made of farm fresh veggies like carrots and comes in apple flavor too.

4) Virbac CETenzymatic dog dental chews:

It contains dual enzyme system that not only helps in fighting plaque and tartar but also assists with dogs chewing action. It is made of raw beef and keeps your dogs breath fresh .

Freeze dried raw toppers:

These raw toppers as name suggests are made of raw nutrients and are freezed thoroughly. They provide the energy of a wholesome meal. This meal is certified and tested by the authorities. There are some of the best raw toppers which you can count on for your dear doggies.

1). Instinct raw boost mixers:

These are full of beef goodness. They are grain-free and power house of proteins, no artificial color or flavors and preservatives are added. They give great energy to training dogs and are favorite to the picky curbs too.

2). Koha pret freeze dried raw toppers:

These contain 96% of beef, bones and raw organ extracts. Also contain probiotics and antioxidants for the digestive system. It has raw nutrients full of energy. It is in powdery form and has no potato or grain extracts and human grade ingredients are used in this.

3) Northwest naturals raw toppers:

These toppers do not contain grains or wheat soy. They have turmeric extracts, just 5% of fat along with 56% of proteins. They are also available in salmon, mushroom and mussels flavor.

4) Bully max raw toppers:

These raw toppers are full of minerals and proteins along with necessary vitamins. They are made according to all the American food quality standards,and can be eaten by any breed of any size and age. They are extremely nutritional and fuller.

Where is tailored dog food made?

Just like humans get their diet charts and foods made from dietitians and nutritionists, in the same way dogs get their tailored diet charts and even diet tailored food made from veterinarians. But nowadays there are many companies in the USA which have started making tailored dog food on orders. The food is shipped free all over the 48 states of USA. All the ingredients like veggies and meat is also carefully selected from farms all around USA.

Is tailored dog food good for dogs?

Yes, definitely tailored dog food is good enough. It is extremely healthy and natural ingredients like vegetables and meat are used, no preservatives or artificial flavors, no extra fat or carbohydrates are added in the food and whatever ingredient does not suit your dog definitely does not become the part of this food. The tailored dog food is completely natural as no extra ingredients like in processed food is added, no artificial colors are there. It is a food full of nutrition.

Food when extra processed or over-cooked loses its energy and goodness while in tailored food this energy and goodness remains intact.

This tailored food is also good in a sense that most of the dogs are not choosy in case of food and they eat everything offered but some dogs may be picky that’s because they don’t like any certain ingredient in that processed food or they may be allergic to a particular food and do eat it as a result, thus in that case tailored food can be a best choice to cater your choosy dog to eat only those ingredients which it likes.

Tailored food is quite changeable in terms of its flavor and texture. You can add more water and make it wetter. Also you can pit less water and make it more chewy, at the same time you can add extra amount of water to serve it in a soup form.

The amount of tailored food can also be varied. We can give a perfect amount to our dog to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Tailored food never can make your food overfed and underfed.

Tailored food is also quite convenient for the owners as well. They can feed the dogs as they want, with what they want. Some companies are delivering tailored food to the door steps and one of the best pros of tailored food is that it can be stored at the room temperature. There is no rushe of freezing or storing at a specific place.

Best tailored dog food:

Butternut box is considered to be the best tailored dog food brand. This is a food quality product. It is cooked on low heat, farm fresh vegetables are used and the company delivers this food to the door steps. This tailored food is a blend of minerals and vitamins put together in equivalent balance to make a healthy food. No hidden ingredients are added. No grain is added, no flavors or preservatives are added, along with no extra food color, no harsh processing is done on slow heat. It is extremely affordable.

This brand provides tailored food for dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes with all different kinds of health conditions, and allergies. It is known to be the most favorite food of doggies. They eat it without any fuss and chaos. The brand’s major quality is that they analyse your dog’s situation, in a total time of 2 minutes, they take your dog’s health history and make a customized plan and pricing. The best thing is that they give a part of their profits to stray and rescued dogs.

Tailored dog food login:

You can also make an account on their official website. To login, following questions are asked to create a profile for your canine friend.

  • Your dog’s name
  • Your Email
  • Gender of dog (girl or boy)
  • Your dog’s age or birthday (Month-Day-Year)
  • Breed of your dog
  • Breed size of your dog (Toy, small, medium, large, extra large)
  • Weight of your dog
  • Describe his waistline (underweight, ideal, over-weight)

Tailored dog food reddit:

According to the reviews on Reddit forum, this food is completely up to the mark of standards of American feed control. The ingredients of this
pet food are raw and pure and are sourced from personalized farms of US. It has been seen in the reviews that extremely fat dogs who have been couch potatoes turned on their feet soon after starting tailored food. The pooches with the digestive issues have also given positive reaction after eating this and their digestive tendencies have increased. It has been seen that tooth health has also been excellent and gums were even stronger.

It has been reviewed that this food provides great health benefits to the body of curbs and their coat along with immune system and digestive system. Its has been seen that dogs with allergies have also improved and it reduced their allergic tendencies by using this food. This food is also extremely affordable. Each pack’s price is different depending on the dog size and breed but still none is so heavy on the pocket.

Tailored dog food price:

Tailored food is sold at a reasonable price for growing dogs. Its per month $29.

  • For large breed it charges $52.
  • For small dogs it charges 25 US dollar per month.
  • For medium sized dogs charges are $39.
  • Tailored food company with time to time keeps giving discount offers as well. Sometimes they give a 10% discount with every purchase. Most of the time they offer special discounted packages for every month. The pricing varies with the plan chosen. Sometimes the tailored food on average one day costs $3 and sometimes the average cost for a week is approximately $25 per week .

Tailored dog food coupon code:

They offer many coupons. New customers are given $10 discount coupons. Sometimes customers get 50% off on their plan and tailored food customers also get discounts on every next order. Sometimes coupons offer free shipping and addition of extra treats and raw mixers in the next order. Sometimes specific links and numbers are given to click on them to avail coupons.

Sometimes the coupon codes are applicable on online sites like amazon and ebay where subscribers and customers can avail discount coupon codes up to 50% off. 75% discounts are mostly offered in first subscriptions and even coupons may include discounts along with free gifts for the pups .

Is tailored pet food legit?

Yes, tailored pet food is completely legit. This food is prepared and sourced from the USA. It is designed by the professionals and it meets all the requirements of the association of american feed control officials. It is made in proper home based units and has no added colors or artificial flavors. In case of any discrepancy they give money back guarantee. It gives high quality dental chews and treats for munching and provide fast free shipping. It is made under supervision of expert veterans and nutritionists.

Is tailored dog food worth it?

The answer is definitely yes. Tailored dog food is definitely worth trying for your dogs as it provides customized meals and recipes keeping in check your dog’s nutritional needs and their health issues. Their packaging is recyclable and they have collaborated with Terra-cycle(A Waste Management Company) to produce environment friendly packages. Their prices are also reasonable as they offer so many discounts, coupon codes, etc for the new customers and keep bringing on new deals for the Customers.

It’s reviews are extremely good. 80% of the customers are fully satisfied with the product and the health benefits dogs seem to gain are clearly visible. The dogs seem to have shiny coats and they are healthy and active when they start using this tailored food.


Tailored dog food brand follows a proper procedure to make a customized meal. They do a short quiz with your dog to analyse the personal needs and then devise a food plan accordingly. Its affordable, easy and provide fast delivery. They are all natural with no preservatives, colors, additives or artificial flavors and made with all natural ingredients. Combining all the pros and an expert formulated formula, catering every dogs individual food needs, this has become one of the best dog food.

The treats and dental chews it offers are additional supplements full of vitamins made for healthy snacking. Given so many options of chews, customized meals and treats, customers have a lot to choose from and they can make their dogs healthy by giving them food of their choice and healthy munching. Thus tailored dog food with reviews 4.5 out of 5 is listing the top echelons of dog food listings.

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