Pet Plate Dog Food Review – Is it worth buying?

Pet plate dog food is actually fresh food that is made up of purely organic and healthy ingredients that are of human grade. It is made of fresh meat, fruits, vegetables and is free of preservatives, food colors and artificial flavors.

Pet Plate Dog Food Review

This dog food since 2016 has grown to heights and is considered as the founder of customized meal food for dogs. The main reason for pet plate to grow tremendously through the years is its customers’ satisfaction. It provides dogs with freshly cooked meals around the globe. These meals are extremely flavorful, delicious and healthy at the same time. These are prepared according to the specific calorie count keeping its portion controlled and this meal is delivered to the doorstep of the customers to avoid any kind of inconvenience. Following is a detailed review of Pet Plate dog food along with answers to some frequently asked questions that you may be looking for.


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  2. Pet plate types
  3. Pet plate dog food reviews
  4. Pet Plate recall
  5. Pet Plate frozen dog food
  6. Pet plate homemade dog food
  7. Pet plate dog food cost
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  9. Pet Plate vs Farmer’s dog
  10. Pet plate dog food shark tank
  11. Who owns pet plate?
  12. Is Pet Plate sold in stores?
  13. Where is Pet Plate food made?
  14. Is Pet Plate still in business?
  15. Is Pet Plate human-grade?
  16. How do you serve a Pet Plate?
  17. Which is better Ollie or pet plate?
  18. Is Pet plate a raw dog food?
  19. Is Pet Plate dog food grain free?
  20. Is Pet plate low fat?
  21. Is Pet plate organic?
  22. How do I cancel my Pet Plate?
  23. Are Pet plates healthy?
  24. Conclusion

Pet plate ingredients:

The ingredients mostly used in pet plate dog food are excavated from fresh farms. They include:

  • Organic chicken: source of protein, energy, good for weight loss.
  • Organic apples: apples are an excellent source of fiber and vitamins. They are extremely low on fats and can make the doggy’s teeth shinier and also freshen their breath.
  • Organic vegetable glycerin: Instead of using artificial preservatives which are extremely dangerous for dogs, pet plate uses organic vegetable glycerin as natural preservative in food.
  • Organic pumpkin : rich in vitamin A, E and C. Pumpkin is a very good nutritional food. It also is a source of iron and potassium.
  • Organic vinegar powder: vinegar powder has amazing digestive properties. It can sooth the doggy’s alkalized digestion.
  • Organic rosemary extract: Rosemary extract has amazing preserving properties along with that it is an amazing antioxidant.
  • Cashew nut: Addition of cashew nuts adds extra flavor in dog’s food along with that they are rich in fiber and protein and has large amounts of magnesium and zinc along with copper extracts that is good for the dogs bone health.

Pet plate Types:

Following are the types of pet plate food:

Barkin’ beef:

  • It is high in protein content.
  • It is free of grains.
  • It is the best choice for picky eaters.
  • Its completely healthy and nutritious.
  • It contains beef apples, carrots, and pumpkins etc.

Chompin’ chicken:

  • Filled with meat.
  • Has high protein levels.
  • It is also grain free.
  • Has low fat.
  • It is excellent for maintaining weight specially for dogs with over-weight issues.
  • It contains chicken, lentils, sweet potato, green beans and apples.

Tail waggin’ turkey:

  • It contains turkey, rice, turkey liver, and pumpkin.
  • It is excellent for the dogs that have sensitive stomach.
  • It has lean meat.
  • It has a good proportion of fiber in the form of grain which helps in keeping stomach issues away.

Lip lickin’ lamb:

It is made up of lamb meat, its liver, broccoli, potatoes, quinoa and apples.

For dogs who need extra support for their specific needs, there are further two flavors available.

Power packed pork:

  • High protein.
  • High fiber.
  • Great source of anti-oxidants and fatty acids.

Lean and mean venison:

  • Low fat.
  • Novel protein.
  • Easy to digest.
  • Heart healthy.

Pet plate dog food Reviews:

The reviews are excellent! Pet plate being a newly founded company has made a top mark in the dog food market. It has gained so much fame and name in such a small period of time.

It is a high quality food for hounds and the ingredients used are all pure, organic and farm fresh. It provides customized diet for your dog at a reasonable price and diet is specially designed by veterinarians and nutritionists who make a proper diet plan and specialized recipes according to your curb’s needs.

Pet owners are a big fan of pet plate as they think that pet plate provides excellent customer service and food is delivered at the door steps on time with no delays and food is also properly packed in containers. It also provides customers with free delivery and money back guarantee and on first order it offers 100% discount. As per customer reviews, the pet plate customer service always caters to their doggies needs and helps them with choosing an alternative menu for their dog if the previous one is not suitable.

Customers are also happy with the nutritional qualities of pet plates. They think that their dog’s health has improved and by going on a pet plate diet their super lazy canine friends have lost tremendous amounts of weight and have become active.

Pet plate tastes good and customers said their dog was extremely picky in terms of food and the pet plate has solved the issue.

Customers have also tried this food for their dogs suffering from allergies and they think that this food has improved their allergy condition and also has prevented it from growing.
Customers are of the view that pet plates packaging is good and they use less plastic and food is easily stored and freezable.

Dogs with extreme stomach issues, gastric problems and digestive issues along with blood vomiting and loose stools, have got their issues resolved.

Pet Plate Recall:

Pet plate is a company that has never been recalled. It has been 7 years since it came into being but it has never faced any legal lawsuit or any customer discontent drama. It has always satisfied its customers by providing quality product and has never faced a serious complaint regarding its products.

Pet Plate frozen dog food:

Pet plate packaging is filled with hot air and is flash frozen to preserve it for a long time. All the orders of the pet plate contain some amount of dry ice which can help food last for 5 to 6 days without a freezer.

Pet plate homemade dog food:

Pet plate is definitely a frozen homemade food. It is made up in the USDA kitchen with purely organic and farm fresh meat, veggies and fruits. It is made in the same way as the human food is prepared in a home kitchen.

Firstly, all the vegetables and fruits are chopped properly, they are then washed and meat is sliced. Then placed in the kettles and kettles are placed on slow heat to cook. When cooked, the packages are heat filled and frozen with dried ice cubes. This, like home cooked food, can anytime be microwaved and can be frozen for a long time.

Pet plate dog food Cost:

Pet plate dog food costs 44.95 US dollars per week. However, the dog food price depends on the sizes of the dogs. The plan of small dogs commence from $2.50 per day. The pet plate dog food bites cost around 43.99 US $ and they provide supplement biscuits for around 67.80 US dollars. One month of pet plate dog food costs around 150 to 400 US dollars.

Pet plate dog food net worth:

Pet plate dog food is making rounds in the market. Being a new brand launched recently back in 2016, it has made a huge progress with excellent customer service. Till 2018 company’s net worth was around 4 million US $ and according to the recent figures, the company’s net worth has now increased upto 10 million US dollars. Many companies like Yard Ventures and Castor Ventures also invested in pet plates. The company is highly supported by industry leaders and investors that is the reason its net worth is growing very fast.

Pet Plate vs Farmer’s dog:

Comparison between pet plate and farmers dog results in findings that pet plate is far way better than the farmers dog because it is good for the dogs that are small and want partial meals and also dog owners looking for dog food with grain or protein both. Pet plate perfectly serve their interest.

Both companies provide human grade ingredients and are seen eye to eye in market regarding reviews and customer satisfaction.

Pet plate dog food Shark Tank:

Pet plate has seen remarkable success after appearing on Shark Tank and the subscriptions have grown to a very large number, therefore now shipping hundreds of boxes each week throughout the country.

In season 8 episode 10, Renaldo Webb made an appearance in 807 episode seeking for US $100,000 for getting 10% of his delivery services. In that episode Renaldo prepares and heats fresh food for his dog. He offers the food to the sharks and they hesitate coming near while the host lobes ate the food. However, the deal between the Pet Plate and the Shark Tank was not able to withstand for a long time and got cancelled but with the passage of time the Shark Tank keeps updating and promoting Pet Plate and updates about the entrepreneurs and investors who have shown interest in pet plate. That is why its customers have increased from 100 to many millions.

General Mills have also invested in the pet plate and it has also partnered with the paramount pictures to release cartoons named as Paw Patrol. In this way many investors continue to sponsor pet plate and now its worth has grown up to 9 million US dollars.

Who owns pet plate?

Pet plate was founded in 2016 by Renaldo Webb. He in 2016 started preparing meals for his dogs and found out the importance of specialized dog food.

The pet plate had started on a very small level mainly as a small home based business but now because of high demand and high quality manufacturing, it has a small team. Therefore, company is looking for more employees that are dog lovers and also encourages many volunteers and internships and trainees to help with the business management. It currently has around 51 to 200 employees and is basically a non-profit organization working solely for the dogs. Till date it has delivered millions of meals and its foods are cooked in the kettle in a slow flame and is US agricultural department certified. It is made in upstate New York.

Is Pet Plate sold in stores?

Yes! pet plate dog food is sold in stores. Pet plate started stocking its food initially in 60 stores around USA, but now with the increasing demands in all states, it has started stocking in more stores around all USA by 2021 and 2022.

Where is Pet Plate food made?

It is prepared at the upstate New York facility that is inspected and supervised by USDA. During the process of making, pet plate makes sure that it follows all the food safety protocols.

Is Pet Plate still in business?

Yes! the pet plate is completely in business and in fact thriving and growing better than before. It is doing great with every passing year. It has grown from fewer subscriptions and is now delivering thousands of orders across the USA.

Is Pet Plate human-grade?

Yes absolutely! A pet plate uses human grade ingredients and is designed as a special customised meal by nutritionists and vegetarians. It is approved by the association of American Feed Control officials. It is slowly cooked in kettles in the US department of agricultural facility.

How do you serve a Pet Plate?

Before serving it your dog, you have to mix your food with the pet plate. 25% of the meal should be composed of a pet plate. Then with the passage of time, keep increasing this amount until the dog becomes used to it and eats 100 parts of pet plate food.

Which is better Ollie or pet plate?

As per the reviews pet plate is considered better than ollie.

It is because pet plate is budget friendly and quite economical than ollie. Pet plate offers 6 flavors: beef, turkey, chicken, pork, lamb and venison. While ollie offers 4 flavors: beef, lamb, chicken and turkey. Both products are quite similar too and are a great option for pooches.

Is Pet plate a raw dog food?

No pet plate is not a raw dog food. Actually it is cooked on a very low heat in a kettle and is slightly cooked so that all the nutrients remain intact. It is sometimes also cooked with steam. This food undergoes pasteurization which kills all of its bacteria and is partially cooked. It is never served as raw.

Is Pet Plate dog food grain free?

Pet plate has developed two varieties of food, one is grain free and the other is with grain. Grain- free is not considered good for dogs as the pets don’t get enough fiber, proteins and fatty acids.

Is Pet plate low fat?

Yes, definitely its a low fat and high protein meal. The meals with high protein, low fats and less carbohydrates are extremely good for dog’s health as they help in dog’s weight management and are recommended by nutritionists. The ideal food should have low fat and more protein proportion.

Is Pet plate organic?

Yes, pet plate is an organic food for dogs without preservatives and additives along with no artificial flavors. It’s bites like Tummy Ticklin, Apple Sausage Bites, Digestive Cookies and Mobility Cookies are completely organic.

How do I cancel my Pet Plate?

To cancel your pet plate, you have to login to your pet plate account, select your dog’s name already in the data, take the cursor to manage subscription and finally cancel your pet plate by clicking on “Cancel Subscription”.

Are Pet plates healthy?

Yes! pet plate is extremely healthy, designed specifically for dog’s customised health needs. It is made up of human grade and pure farm fresh ingredients and is then cooked at a slow heat and pasteurized under complete expert supervision.

It is an amalgamation of fruits, good quality meat and fresh veggies with zero preservatives or artificial flavors. This food is a complete balanced diet designed by nutritionists and is loaded with vitamins and minerals.


So putting in a nutshell, pet plates are being considered as one of the best brands for dogs and is well liked by most of the customers. This natural food is cooked on a slow heat rather than packed food that are ultra-processed and have additives and preservatives that are not good for dog’s health.

It comes in different types with a variety of ingredients ranging from bites to the vitamin supplement cookies. Pet plate has catered all the health needs of curbs. Because of its excellent delivery services, good quality manufacturing and customer care, it has won more customers through the years. It imparts an important role in dogs improved health and nutritional value and the better coat and digestion have proved it to be an excellent meal for dogs.

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