Is Organic Dog Food good for dogs?

Organic dog food has gained a massive popularity through recent times because the health conscious dog parents are always looking for the best for their canine partners. When we say organic what we actually mean is the food that:

  • Is not processed.
  • Is completely natural.
  • Is all free of harmful additives and preservatives.
  • Is extracted from farm fresh raw material.

Processed dog food has harmful effects on the health of curbs and therefore the pet parents are always questing for food that is organic and made of fresh meat, fruits and vegetables and has no hidden ingredients that are the main reason of upset stomachs, allergies and many other health problems in hounds and all other pets.


  1. Is Organic Dog Food Better for Your Pup?
  2. What is Organic dog food?
  3. Is Organic dog food really organic?
  4. Should you feed your dog Organic food?
  5. What Organic foods are good for dogs?
  6. What is the best Organic and natural dog food for my dog?
  7. Organic dog food brands.
  8. Organic dog food recipes.
  9. Organic dog food toppers.
  10. Organic dog food wet.
  11. Organic dog food delivery.
  12. Organic dog food store.
  13. Conclusion.

Is Organic Dog Food Better for Your Pup?

Yes, it is not even questionable that natural and organic products are the best food ever fed to the animals and humans. It is best for curbs as it’s free of any fillers and is filled with Prebiotics, Probiotics, Vitamins and all the Minerals retained. The food which does not undergo processing and excessive heat, retains all its health and goodness along with vitamins and nutrients. So Organic food has all the health maintaining nutrients and it gives your hound a treasure of minerals that they need to maintain a healthy life. It is easily digestible and light weight and does not cause heaviness or bloating in curbs. It is good for maintaining dog’s weight and helps the obese dogs to lose weight. So organic food is definitely a good choice for pup.

What is Organic dog food?

Organic means being extracted or derived from living matter directly, thus organic food means the raw material directly obtained from the farms or from organic farming. Like fresh fruits and vegetables, meat derived from fresh pasture raised animals. It also may mean a food that is obtained from the material produced from Organic farming which means the plant fruits or meat production that has not been subjected to fertilizers and chemicals. Thus the type of curb food that is derived from organic raw materials and has not been subjected to artificial and human made farming methods is called Organic dog food.

Is Organic dog food really organic?

We cannot say anything specific about this type of food. The USDA United States Department of Agriculture has not yet given any specifications of what curb food should be considered as organic, however it is said that organic curb food should have 95% of organic material. However, it is questionable that whether this type of food is really organic or not, but we can say that most of these foods are 90% organic. They may be subjected to insecticides or pesticides at some stage because nowadays the microbes and insects have developed so much resistance against organic material that using insecticides and pesticides has become mandatory without which the whole crop could be damaged. Therefore, there are no particular regulations that apply to these foods.

Should you feed your dog Organic food?

Yes definitely, organic food is far more better than the processed food which contains many harmful materials and is highly processed. Organic food should be fed to the hounds because of its high nutritional value. It is good enough because:

  • It has Antioxidants, Pre and Probiotics, Omega 3 and omega 6.
  • It also boosts the dog’s immunity.
  • It contains less contamination.
  • It has more water which reduces chances of dehydration in pooches.
  • It has no additives that may upset the curb’s stomach.
  • It has no preservatives as it is made and served fresh.
  • It is not harmful nor boosts any allergies in hounds.

Therefore, you should feed your pooch with Organic food as it is the best possible food for dog’s well being.

What Organic foods are good for dogs?

The Organic food that is good for your hound must be USDA approved and it should be extremely healthy. The best organic food for dog so far is:

Tender and True Organic Food

It is one of the top organic food. It has five star ratings and it has the best customer reviews and satisfaction. It is completely certified and approved by USDA and does not contain any pesticides. Its majority of proteins are derived from organic chicken and meat. It contains 29% of protein, 18% fat and carbohydrates are around 45%. Its ingredients include:

  • Organic chicken meal.
  • Organic starch.
  • Chickpea and organic peas.
  • It is free of grains.
  • Its other recipes contain turkey, salmon flavor and whitefish.

What is the best Organic and natural dog food for my dog?

Castor and Pollux Organix curb food:

It is one of the best among others.

  • It is completely organic, natural and grain free.
  • Its chicken and sweet potato recipe is the most popular.
  • It has the best food reviews and ratings.
  • It uses organic chicken with chicken meal from organic chicken, potatoes, organic sweet potatoes and organic peas.
  • It has a huge variety and it also comes in puppy, small breed and senior.
  • It is completely certified by USDA and it is customer’s favorite brand.
  • It has all the minerals and vitamins intact and has plenty of energy and a lot of proteins.
  • It is completely natural and derived from natural materials containing DHA and immunity boosters.
  • It also has natural ingredients with less fat and is the best food for maintaining curb’s weight and healthy lifestyle.

Organic dog food brands:

There are hundreds of brands that claim to be providing pure organic products but half of them are actually not, rather they are using low grade materials that are causing serious health problems to the health of curbs. They are responsible for causing many stomach and kidney problems and aggravating severe allergies in hounds. These hidden ingredients are not even mentioned on the package labels. Therefore choosing the best organic curb food brands assure best quality products! These high quality products are doing commendable jobs in the market and are very difficult to find. These curb food brands are fewer and are really using organic raw products. Lets have a look at the two best products.

Gather free acres dog food:

It is one of the most excellent organic foods for hounds which is highly rated and reviewed.

  • It is dried food and has three recipes.
  • It has pure organic chicken as main product. The chicken used is also dehydrated and added in it to make it dry.
  • It contains lentils, peas and chicken fat (as needed for a healthy meal).
  • It is free of grains.
  • It has 33% Proteins, 17% Fats and carbohydrates around 42%. All the ingredients are certified and checked properly.
  • It has a good mixture of vitamins, minerals, Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids along with antioxidants and huge amount of energy.

Carna4 dog food:

It has by far five star ratings, best reviews and excellent quality. The packaging is amazing and its product line contains 6 recipes.

  • It is a dehydrated dry food for pooches.
  • It is made with pure and organic material.
  • Its ingredients include organic chicken, chicken liver, sprouts, eggs and salmon.
  • It has barley or rice inclusion which does not make it grain free but it’s duck and fish recipes are grain free.
  • It has lots of plant based ingredients and is highly recommended by customers and veterinarians.

Organic dog food recipes:

To prepare this food, you can control your ingredients easily.

Recipe 1:

In the first recipe you have options to either use beef or chicken. It can be easily cooked in 20 minutes and will serve 30 servings. The ingredients include:

  • Carrots 3 pounds.
  • Peeled apples and diced 3 pounds.
  • Frozen and grounded beans 4 pounds.
  • Frozen blueberries almost 2 packets.
  • Baby spinach chopped.
  • Olive oil 3/4th cup.
  • Coconut oil 3/4th cup.
  • Grounded beef (organic) with reduced fat and lean.
  • Pumpkin puree 2 canes.


First chop the carrots (they must be organic), use food processor to chop them. Then chop apples, beans, spinach and blueberries together in the food processor and keep aside. In a pan take a bit of coconut oil and olive oil, add carrots and saute them on low heat. When they become a bit soft then add apples, green beans, spinach and blueberries and cook them on slow heat for 15 minutes. Until then cook beef in another pan in olive oil and coconut oil and then cook on slow heat to medium heat until meat becomes tender. When cooked, let the beef and vegetables cool. Then mix the beef and vegetables in a big bowl and freeze them by dividing them into one meal time pack. It can be served to one curb for almost 15 days.

Recipe 2:

The ingredients include:

  • Olive oil 2 tsp.
  • 2 salmon parts along with skin.
  • 1 squash.
  • 1 broccoli head and stem.
  • Three potatoes (you can use sweet potato as well).
  • Two carrots.


Cut broccoli and peel the carrots and cut the squash. You can either bake these veggies in oven or can saute them in small amount of oil in a pan until softer. You can also team them. You can air fry the potatoes with small amount of oil and cook salmon in a pan with small amount of oil. First cook it properly from one side in a pan on slow heat then flip it over to another until properly cooked, then mix all the veggies and salmon in a bowl and let it cook for few minutes. You are good to go and serve it to your pup.

Organic dog food toppers:

There are thousands of curb food brands in the market and a huge diversity of toppers for hounds are also there but fewer companies offer organic toppers. Toppers are small treats that are offered to the curbs in between the meal times. These are commercially made, highly processed and baked into different shapes and are full of additives and preservatives but there are very rare cases when you get healthy toppers. Organic toppers can be made from organic products and they may include:

Sauteed and finely chopped vegetables:

Nothing can beat organic and healthy vegetables. If the dogs don’t like raw vegetables then you can chop them finely and slightly saute them in olive oil with a pinch of salt and spices. This can be served as a healthy and organic topper to hounds. The dark green leafy veggies can be served raw. Corn, onion and potato is starchy and can cause digestive problems. Veggies like spinach, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, turnips etc can be served easily.


Nothing is as good as fresh fruits like banana, apples, blueberries, watermelon and mangoes. All fruits are loaded with antioxidants. They play a huge role in human and animal health. Grapes can cause kidney problems but other fruits can serve as one of the best toppers for dogs.


Eggs are the best source of protein. Eggs have almost 70 calories. Large breeds should be served with one egg daily however small breeds can be given ½ egg daily. This can be one of the best toppers for hounds with huge amount of energy. The best way to serve egg is to half boil the egg with runny egg yolk and hard egg white while some people completely boil it. So both ways it can be eaten by curbs.


These are half grown grains. These may also be half grown legumes with small roots coming out of them. Sprouts are the treasure boxes of protein, vitamins and minerals. The healthy diets for hounds must contains sprouts in every one or other recipe. They are jam packed with nutrients and are extremely tasteful that picky canine friends also eat them in no time.


Sardines are mostly small tiny oil filled fish, used greatly in human food and also for animal food. Sardines are great source of proteins and Omega fatty acids. They can be a good topper for hounds and may be given to the curbs once a day. They contain 25 calories, so if sardine is eaten in a day, you can cut the amount of dog food or otherwise give a small amount of sardine as a topper. May be a half fish would be enough.

Organic dog food wet:

Newman’s own organic wet food is one of the admirable curb food.

  • It is canned and filled with nutrients.
  • It is grain free and its chicken liver recipe for curbs is the most popular.
  • It is packed in canes and is filled with organic chicken broth, chicken liver and organic chicken inside it.
  • It has tri-calcium phosphate and organic pea flour.
  • It can be found in turkey, liver and beef flavors.
  • The main protein portion is derived from pure organic chicken.
  • It is certified by USDA because of high quality and is approved by veterans and people as well.
  • It is one of the best wet curb food company and it donates its earnings to charity.

Organic dog food delivery:

Organic dog food is delivered easily to your doorsteps. This food is available with all the online retailers like Pet Plate, Amazon etc. Also Organic curb food is being delivered by each company. They even offer same day delivery. Monthly subscriptions are also available and weekly subscriptions are also there at discounted rates. All the organic curb food companies are delivering the food through their websites on order and you can change the ingredients or add the ingredients of your choice and order your food at any time.

Organic dog food store:

There are many organic curb food retailers throughout the world and number of online food stores have increased rapidly. You might be wondering that which organic dog food store near me is the best? The biggest and the most appreciated organic dog food store is Amazon. Amazon has almost every curb food brand available online. Petco stores also are the organic food heaven. You can get the products of your choice anytime you want. Stella and Chewy Organic food for curbs can be found at your local stores. Carna4, Tender and True Organics, Castor and Pollux Organix food, all are available in the local pet stores anywhere near your locality.


Organic dog food is thus a highly beneficial nearest to nature pure curb food. It has all the organic products derived from farms and veggies and fruits raised with care along with meat that is derived from farm raised and carefully supervised buffaloes raised on natural green pastures and given no extra chemical mixed food. These organic foods are not only a great source of energy for hounds but also they have great nutritional content like Minerals, Vitamins, Anti-oxidants, Fatty acids and natural immunity boosters. Therefore, this dog food is much better than the chemical inclusive curb foods that cause health disturbances in pooches. If you feed your curb with properly researched original organic food, you will see a definite improvement in his healthy coat skin, immunity and overall well being.

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