Ollie dog food review – Is it worth the Price?

The pet food industry has grown into a $30 billion industry in which Ollie dog food has made its mark. Ollie was a newly introduced dog food brand started by Alex Douzet, Slome and Randy Jimenez. It is being manufactured in Nevada United States and is a fresh curb food company that uses natural and human grade ingredients and provides the facility of delivery to your door steps. It is a private enterprise that has a total funding amount of 46.6 million US dollars.

Ollie has grown into a massive enterprise within a small time due to its impressive quality products and huge demand. The company delivers your curb’s food within a two week span and you can create your dog’s profile on the website. By signing in, you can change your curb’s health conditions, new allergies, weight gain and weight loss record and the rest of the work will be done by Ollie. It will prepare your hound’s meal accordingly! The Ollie team is split between New York and Pennsylvania. It keeps all of its experts intact every time to ensure quality. Although this firm started on a small level but now is delivering in 48 states of USA.

Important things to know about Ollie Dog Food:

Below we have discussed all the important points about Ollie dog food that you may need to know. We have also covered the frequently asked questions regarding it.


  1. Is Ollie worth the price?
  2. Ollie dog food ingredients
  3. Ollie dog food calories.
  4. Ollie dog food instructions
  5. Ollie dog food shipping.
  6. Ollie dog food packaging
  7. Ollie dog food reviews
  8. Ollie dog food cost
  9. Ollie dog food grains
  10. Ollie baked dog food
  11. Ollie dog food diarrhea
  12. Ollie dog food recalls
  13. Ollie dog food customer service
  14. Ollie dog food login
  15. Ollie dog food phone number
  16. Where to buy Ollie dog food?
  17. Is Ollie really good for dogs?
  18. Is Ollie dog food vet approved?
  19. How much does Ollie dog food cost per month?
  20. Are farmers dog and Ollie the same?
  21. Does the UK have Ollie dog food?
  22. Conclusion

Ollie dog food ingredients:

It has completely human grade ingredients, all natural and farm fresh. It utilizes no fillers, no artificial flavors and uses high quality ingredients only. Minimal processing is done on this curb food to help them in better digestion.

The ingredients used are:


It has very healthy and pure meat proteins. The main ingredient that maintains good health of your canine friend is beef. Beef is taken from pasture raised cows. It is completely fresh with fat removed and the beef contains 90% of meat and just 10% of fat that is necessary for cooking and consumption.

Sweet Potatoes:

It contains sweet potatoes, which are an excellent source of carbohydrates and fiber. They also contain vitamins and antioxidants.


It is the next important ingredient. Peas are very good for heart health and contain vitamins and fiber.


The blueberries not only adds flavor to the food but they are also loaded with Vitamin C and K which are excellent for the skin of hounds. They also contain antioxidants which are best for the immunity boost.

Chia Seeds:

This curb food contains a super food that is Chia seeds. They are full of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids and are a treasure of Zinc, Copper and Manganese.

Ollie dog food calories:

It is the most balanced nutritional diet a hound can get. It has all the right amount of Proteins, Fats(as needed), Vitamins and Minerals all in a definite proportion to give your pooch a complete meal. It has a total calories of 1298 k cal. The meat used is highly purified with extra fats being removed and the calorie content in this food remains just 26%. Therefore, it can be a best option for obese hounds.

Ollie dog food instructions:

It provides custom feeding instructions. As according to every dog the instructions may be different, but most of the dogs may be given same eating instructions like:

  • One pack of Ollie curb food should be divided into two meals, not a single pack be served to the dog in one go.
  • It is instructed to keep the remaining meal in the refrigerator until the next meal time.
  • The feeding guide is provided according to the size, breed and age of your dog and portions are granted to every dog.
  • It has a special scoop inside and instructions are given on how many of that particular scoops should be served to your pooches.

Ollie dog food shipping:

They ship worldwide. They deliver across the country in 48 states and also in UK and other European countries. It is shipped within two weeks of order.

  • The order is packed in airtight packaging to keep it fresh.
  • Packages are reusable.
  • Changes in the shipping address can be easily made.
  • Traveling customers also can get their deliveries postponed or can ask for early deliveries.

Ollie dog food packaging:

With the changing times, Ollie has also transitioned its packaging in many ways. Its new packaging contains cardboard boxes. The old packaging consisted of long trays which used to take a lot of space in the refrigerators and customers were also not satisfied, so finally the company decided to change its packaging into cardboard boxes. These boxes are slimmer packs and can have more space and can carry more meals than usual. The food in these packages can also retain its freshness for a longer time. Thus new packaging is:

  • Easier to open.
  • Also contains puptainer which is given to store the leftover food in the fridge to retain it’s freshness.
  • Is airtight and food never gets smelly.
  • Customers are also satisfied with the new packaging.

Ollie dog food reviews:

This food has made a good reputation as a company within few years. The customers are extremely satisfied and the ratings are as per expectations. The customers have reviewed that:

  • It tastes great and their picky eater curbs love it and eat the bowl to the bottom without creating any fuss.
  • It also has imparted good digestive health to their hounds and they have regular poops with average consistency, neither too loose nor too hard.
  • Its packaging also has gained positive reviews. Customers are of the view that the containers of card boards are very easy to open and when used you can reseal them. They also give a puptainer in which you can store leftover food in an airtight container. The packaging is extremely environmentally friendly and reusable.
  • It has very simple high quality recipes and they use good quality meat and vegetables whose chunks can be easily seen in their curb’s food.
  • Their customer service and subscriptions are exemplary. They say that Ollie is best and fastest in delivering orders to their door steps and customized meals are easy to order and subscriptions can be easily made or canceled anytime.
  • They don’t continue feeding your dog with one meal throughout. By seeing your pup’s body changes, indigestion issues and allergies, sleep patterns etc the Ollie team keeps on changing the meals and ingredients according to your dog’s reaction to certain foods.

Ollie dog food cost:

The Ollie dog food price varies according to dog’s breed, size, age and physical activity. But still:

  • It’s average medium box starts from $1.57, the mixed food starts from $1.36 dollars and baked food range starts from $1 per meal.
  • For small dogs it is at an average $4 per day.
  • For larger dogs it can be up to $8 per day.

Although, it is one of the few brands that offer both the grain free and grain inclusive products, you can buy any one you want according to your curb’s needs.

Ollie dog food grains:

It has two basic types:

  • Grain inclusive.
  • Grain-free.

The Grain inclusion in curb food is necessary as it is beneficial for:

  • Immunity development and heart health.
  • Joints and lean muscles.
  • Brain and eye development.

But as most of the curbs may have grain allergies, so such curbs must go for grain-free food. So, Oillie is available as both grain inclusive and grain-free.

Ollie baked dog food:

It has a very precious baked curb food range. The baked food is in the form of morsels. These are gently baked to perfection and are easily available. These baked food items are made with real vegetables and meat. They have many baked recipes like baked beef, baked chicken and some are a mixture of veggies and meat like chicken carrot recipe. They are minimally processed and gentle baking retains all the minerals and nutrients. Also no preservatives and fillers are used in them.

Ollie dog food diarrhea:

Ollie curb food has never been the cause of diarrhea in dogs. In fact it is stomach friendly, is light and helps cure diarrhea in hounds and their digestive health improves along with their stools. The diarrhea in pooches can be due to many other reasons. The most common among them are:

  • Food transitioning, that is switching from one food to another.
  • Wheat gluten in many foods.
  • Eating anything dirty.

Ollie dog food recalls:

This food till date has never been recalled. It has never been recalled by American veterinary medical association nor by US food and drug administration nor by any other institution or even the company itself has never recalled itself.

Ollie dog food customer service:

It has an excellent and responsive customer service. You can easily get your subscriptions and with the same ease you can get your subscriptions canceled whenever you want. Before shipping, you can email at Ollie’s official mail account and get the subscription cancelled. The delivery service is also very fast and food gets immediately delivered to your doorsteps. People seem to be very happy with their customer service as it is quick and easy and customer satisfaction is their top priority. Also, if the meals are not up to the mark or any customer wants to return or exchange with another meal, they do send a new meal immediately. Ollie has given its phone number on website and its Email ID for the customers to reach up anytime they want. They reply to all the customer queries.

Ollie dog food login:

The Ollie food login process is quite easy. To sign up, there is a button on the top right corner “Get Started’. It then asks you to enter your Name, Email, Shipping Address, Password and Billing Information and then you enter in the Ollie’s world. Once you login, you then have to enter your email and password and just start ordering. It is this simple and just a click away.

Ollie dog food phone number:

Ollie is a curb food service that is running on National level. It is responsible for delivering freshly cooked human grade curb food and is one phone call away. You can easily order your food at your doorsteps by giving a single call to their official number +18448865543.

Is Ollie worth the price?

So, the question is “is it really worth the price you pay?”.

Yes! it is worth the hype as it helps the curbs with food sensitivities and aids in better digestion. It is free of fillers and additives. It is made of fresh ingredients and most of the picky eaters love it. The customers who have used it for their hounds are very much satisfied. Its protein options are loved. The turkey and lamb meats are well-liked by curbs.

Where to buy Ollie dog food?

This food is easily available throughout the country, in every small mart and stores. But above all, the most authentic place to buy this dog food is their own official website. You have to login and either get a food of your choice or fill a questionnaire and get a customized meal delivered to your door steps.

Is Ollie really good for dogs?

Yes, it is a fresh human grade food made with natural and fresh ingredients made particularly for hounds. Following are the key features of this food:

  • Completely reliable and safe.
  • Easy on digestive system.
  • Full of nutrition.
  • Best for picky eaters.
  • Excellent in improving immunity.
  • Makes coat shinier and healthier.
  • Has excellent reviews and ratings.

Is Ollie dog food vet approved?

Yes, this food is definitely approved by the vets. It is designed by food nutritionists, dog experts and veterinarians. As this food has the best nutritional qualities and it is good for hounds in every possible way, therefore it meets all the standards of AFFCO and USDA. Ollie has passed all the requirements of being a good curb food.

How much does Ollie dog food cost per month?

The cost per month depends on the breed, weight, height and size of a particular hound.The smaller pups need small meals and larger ones require large packets. Therefore, this food has introduced different categories of food like:

  • General range.
  • Baked range.
  • Customized range.

The price of every range differs accordingly. In general, it can cost up to 60$ to 120$ and for the larger breeds, it can cost up to 240$ to 360$ per month.

Are farmers dog and Ollie the same?

No both are not the same. Although they have some similarities like:

  • Both have same subscription procedure.
  • Both are fresh curb food companies.
  • Both are based in USA.

But unlike Farmers Dog food, Ollie is:

  • Most easily customizable.
  • It has more eco friendly packaging.
  • It has no treats for curbs, although once it offered treats but it discontinued later wards.
  • It is also donating one percent of its profits to curb charitable organizations.

Both of these foods are not same but rather have striking similarities.

Does the UK have Ollie dog food?

No, it is not easily and readily available in UK but it has a lot of customers in UK. So the customers from UK can easily order this food from their website and Ollie sends mail through Royal Mail Services. Huge amount of deliveries from this company are delivered to UK and they reach within three working days.


Ollie is one of the best fresh food options in the market. It is made with the human grade ingredients of high quality. The meats like beef, turkey, chicken and lamb of high quality are used into it. It works great for sensitive stomach hounds as it is light on the stomach and gets digested easily. The curbs are fond of it! It has the best protein options. Pooches that are intolerant to beef and chicken, can go for lamb and turkey options. This company within a small time due to its high quality products, fresh ingredients like vegetables, fruits and meat mixtures has got an amazing fame in the dog food market. Their customers reviews are excellent and therefore most of the curb owners recommend it as a best fresh food available in market.

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