Is Human Food Good for Dogs? List of human foods for dogs

Not all the human food is good for dogs as huge amounts of sodium present in food can cause deadly health problems in dogs. Dogs have a different digestive system from humans and their digestive systems are far more sensitive than humans. Therefore, they cannot digest everything, thus causing huge disturbances in dog’s stomach leading to severe infections and food poisoning. It may also cause many other problems like weight gain and his behavior also changes like he becomes more cranky and more irritable. So the pet parents should be fully aware of what they are feeding their pooch or they may regret later.

Which human foods can dogs eat and is it safe for them?

You may be wondering which human foods are safe for dogs to eat? We have added a comprehensive list of all the human foods that are good for dogs and you can feed them to your dog without any worry.


  1. Can dogs eat Human food?
  2. Do dogs think human food is better?
  3. Is human food good for dogs everyday?
  4. Can dogs live on human food only?
  5. What is dog’s favorite human food?
  6. Can I mix human food with dog food?
  7. List of human foods good for dogs to eat.
  8. Conclusion.

Can dogs eat Human food?

The answer to this question is “not all of them”. Dogs can’t eat all types of human food. Some foods eaten by humans can turn to be a poison for dogs like human food containing:

  • Raisins.
  • Chocolate.
  • Grapes.
  • Almonds.
  • Onions.
  • Garlic.
  • Yeast dough.
  • Avocado
  • Alchohol.
  • Coffee.
  • Macadamia nuts.
  • Artificial sweetener Xylitol.

These foods can cause destructive effects on dog’s health. Some foods that humans eat have no harm to dogs like meat, chicken, turkey, pork, beef, fish, eggs, cheese etc. Sometimes, people give their dogs leftover food on their return from the restaurants but they don’t know that those foods may contain ingredients that are dangerous for dogs. So, avoid giving such foods to your dogs.

Do dogs think human food is better?

Yes, dogs think human food is amazing. They are huge fans of human food as they love the taste of human food. But these things should be given in moderation with a proper check and balance as giving human food to dogs just because they love them regularly may lead to obesity and more carbs can lead to diabetes.

Is human food good for dogs everyday?

No, not at all! Human food may contain ingredients or seasonings that are not suitable for dogs. The dogs should be given dog food more often as it is better for them and is made specially for dogs with non allergic material.

  • The sugary treats you might give to your dogs like biscuits, macaroni or anything with more carbs can make your dog obese and more lazy than others.
  • Giving human food to dogs everyday will make your dog crave for more and it will make him irritating and demanding.
  • It may also cause many problems for dogs like eating too much fatty human food which can lead to diarrhea and vomiting in dogs. It can also cause pancreatitis.

Can dogs live on human food only?

No, dogs cannot live solely on the human food. Human food is too fatty and heavy and dog’s stomach is not made to digest heavy foods like humans eat. Therefore, dog food is necessarily designed for dogs with ingredients that are light and healthy for dog’s stomach. Relying only on human food cause dogestive issues in dogs and they may get sick. They may get obese, extremely lethargic and may catch severe diarrhea or food poisoning. It was also said and assumed that eating human food may increase dog’s life, however this is just a myth and there is no truth behind it. Eating human food is not related in any way to longevity of dog’s life. No doubt sometimes vets recommend human food in order to cater with certain problems or allergies. But just surviving on human food is impossible.

What is dog’s favorite human food?

Peanut butter:

Peanut butter is on the top of the list in terms of favourite dog food. Peanut butter is used in many dog food recipes and is completely safe. It may not be suitable for dogs with peanut allergies, otherwise every dog can eat peanut butter cookies and many other peanut butter recipes. It is a rich source of proteins, niacin, Vitamin B and E and fats that are good for heart’s health.

Can I mix human food with dog food?

Yes, human food can be mixed up with dog food to some extent like if your dog is not eating dog food with interest then you can feed him a mixture of both. For example you can add chicken broth or a veggie broth in dog food. You can also add fresh fruits or veggies (slightly cooked or boiled) in dog’s food. But keep in mind that do not add excessive amount of human food into the dog’s food to keep a balance of both. Also mix only that human food into dog’s food that is healthy and safe for dogs.

List of human foods good for dogs to eat:

White rice:

White rice is not that pleasing to eat by dogs but they work great for dogs with upset stomach or those suffering from diarrhoea. Such dogs can use white rice because they are extremely light and help cure diarrhoea.


Dogs love pumpkins, either they are given cooked or canned pumpkins. Pumpkins are very healthy and are full of vitamin A, beta carotene, fiber and minerals and are used in many dog food recipes. They are a cheap option along with being healthy. Dried pumpkins are used in dog foods and are excellent for dog’s stomach and help in digestibility.


Mostly all the dog foods contain peas among other vegetables. Healthy vegetables add a good part in dog nutrition. Many dog foods, salads and homemade dog food recipes contain peas and they are full of fibers and vitamins.


Among all the protein options, chicken is the part of almost all the dog meals. It is the major protein source for dogs and it gives immense amount of energy to dogs. Whenever you are in doubt that what to feed your dog, you can make him survive on chicken alone.


Eggs are an excellent source of protein. They are the part of most of the healthy dog diets. Eggs have lots of Omega fatty acids, selenium and riboflavin. These healthy proteins are responsible for bones and skin development of dogs. Always make sure to give cooked or boiled eggs to dogs as they help in digestion and boost the immunity of hounds.


Cheese can be an excellent treat for dogs. It is a good treat until you serve it in small and measured quantities. Just be careful not to feed him extra because it’s fatty and can cause stomach upset. It is high in lactose and dogs are not much tolerant to lactose if fed in huge amounts.


Another source of healthy protein for your dog is fish. It is loaded with Omega fatty acids and immunity boosters. It is the best food not only for humans but also for dogs. Salmon snacks and dog foods are best for dogs along with salmon patties that are great and loved by dogs.


All the veggies that are good for dogs must be given to dogs. Carrots are the best as they are low in calories and have high beta-carotene(that produces Vitamin A) and fiber. They also help strengthen dog’s teeth and gums and the plaque from the teeth removes along when they chew carrots.


Apples are full of vitamin C, A and fiber. Fiber plays an important role to keep the stomach healthy as lack of fiber in the body can lead to many issues. Therefore, pet owners make many apple treats at home to feed their canine friends with apple goodness through different forms of apple pies, cookies and apple salads.


Spinach is a very healthy, green leafy vegetable and it is not hazardous for dogs. It is full of iron, nutrients and plenty of vitamins and minerals. Spinach boosts the immunity system and energy level of dogs.


Broccoli is a very healthy vegetable that your dog can eat. Dogs can eat both raw and even cooked broccoli. Broccoli and chicken recipes are loved by most of the dogs. If fed without oil and seasoning, it is the best for dogs as it has huge amounts of fiber along with vitamins and minerals which boost the immunity and improve overall health of hounds. Dogs can eat broccoli everyday but in small quantities. A dog’s diet must have only 10% of broccoli and not more than that as it can cause gastrointestinal problems like gas issues and indigestion along with acidity.


Oatmeal is best for dogs and it can be given in many ways like oatmeal and peanut butter, oatmeal honey cookies, oatmeal biscuits etc. Dogs with grain allergies can be given oatmeal as an alternative. Oatmeal contains vitamin B that gives shinier and healthier coats to the dogs. Omega 6 fatty acids are present in huge quantities in oatmeal that boosts strength and immunity of dogs.


Blue berries are safe for dogs to eat. They are yummy fruits rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and other nutrients. You can serve them as a snack to dogs or you can make it a part of cookies or dog’s salad.


Cantaloupe can be eaten by dogs but in small quantities. It is safe for dogs and is a source of many vitamins and minerals. It has about 90% of water. The water content in cantaloupe saves dogs from dehydration. Overweight dogs can eat cantaloupe as it helps to reduce their weight. Even dogs can eat cantaloupe seeds. Just cut a cantaloupe into small pieces before serving it to your doggy, otherwise choking can occur.


Dogs can eat yogurt as it is rich in proteins and calcium but they can eat in small quantities especially when they have diarrhea or acidity. Yogurt is not toxic but is difficult for some dogs to digest sometimes because it is a lactose product that might be intolerant to some dogs. You can give two spoons full of yogurt to your dog occasionally.

Green beans:

Green beans whether boiled, chopped, cooked or raw can be fed to dogs. In any form they are safe and healthy. They can also serve as a good treat but they should be given without any seasoning or oil on the top of it. They are a source of calcium, iron, protein and Vitamin K. According to veterinarians, green beans are good and healthy for dogs and they recommend them. They are best for weight loss as they have high amount of antioxidants and supplements necessary for dog’s healthy growth and development.


Another human food that is safe for dogs is bread but in moderate amounts. Bread does not upset the stomach, nor it causes any allergies in dogs. However, it may cause bloating in some dogs that is why when given in small amount can make the dog feel fuller due to the presence of carbohydrates. It also has fiber in some amount that is good for dogs.

Lean beef:

Lean beef is very good for pets specially dogs, with all the extra fat removed. It is full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals along with huge amount of protein that is extremely healthy for dogs. Beef is served either cooked or some people also serve it raw by cutting into thin slices but veterinarians recommend giving cooked meat to dogs.


Bananas are very good for dogs as they have plenty of minerals and vitamins. Serving banana to dogs with upset stomach can be very beneficial and it helps with diarrhea. They have plenty of Potassium and Vitamin C along with huge amount of Biotin and Copper. They are very good for the development and growth of dogs. Adding banana to dog’s food is an excellent option.


It is loaded with Manganese, Potassium, Copper and Magnesium. It also is rich in iron and calcium. You can serve it as a sweet snack to your dog. It also has a large amount of water in it and is excellent for boosting immunity and strengthening digestive system of dogs.


Strawberries are visually attractive fruit with yummy taste thus dogs love their sweet sour taste. They are full of Vitamin C and fiber and have a mineral that helps in teeth whitening thus removing plaque from dog’s teeth. But they should be served in moderation and must not be served to diabetic dogs.

Mashed potatoes:

Your dogs can eat mashed potatoes. Potatoes can be roasted and they must be served without any seasoning or oil. Potatoes are rich in fiber and minerals but they should be given to dogs in a very small amount. Eating lots of potatoes on daily basis can cause obesity in dogs.


Cucumbers are safe for dogs and can serve as a crunchy snack with very low calories content. Cucumbers have a high water content that prevents the dogs from dehydration. Dogs can be served almost one cup of cucumbers, which contains just 8 calories per cup.

This is a list of human foods that are good enough for dogs. So, before introducing anything new to your dog, do some research about that edible food that whether it is safe for dogs or not specially if your hound has allergy or any other health problems. Also serve these human foods in measured quantities. In case of any problem or aggravated allergies, head out to your veterinary for consultation.


Human food can be good and safe for dogs only when given in moderate amounts. Human food with a lot of seasonings and oil can be dangerous for dogs and can have adverse effects on dog’s health. Therefore, human foods cannot be given to the dogs carelessly. Some human foods like green leafy vegetables, green beans, some fruits etc can be given to dogs as they are healthy and they do not cause any harm to the dogs. Some human foods like chocolate, garlic, onion, grapes, raisins etc are toxic for dogs. So, eating these foods can cause allergies, stomach upsets, kidney and lung failures and cancer in dogs.

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