The Farmers Dog Food Review

Farmers dog food is comparatively a newer brand than others. It was formed in 2014, but has brought an innovative addition to the dog food industry. It is a fresh dog food company that makes fresh food for curbs. The Farmer’s dog company was founded by Brett Podolsky and Jonathan Yoni Regev.

Brett had a dog which was facing severe digestive issues and haven’t had any cure till then and was very much worried about his dog’s health until a vet suggested him to cook his dog food at home. He tried cooking at home using all the ingredients written on the food pack and it tasted so good and scrumptious but to his surprise his dog’s digestive issues were gone. That day he realized that commercial dog food companies were using some hidden ingredients which were causing the issues so at that moment, he decided to launch his own dog food company partnering with Jonathan Yoni Regev and within a few years it has reached pinnacles of success and Blue Apron report says that Farmers dog gained 646000 customers till 2018 and its year to year growth rate is about 500%. Some of the main reasons behind its success are:

  • It makes real human grade food.
  • It’s completely safe and is of high quality.
  • It is developed and approved by vets and is according to all the AAFCO standards
  • It’s free of preservatives, additives, artificial flavors, coloring and grains.
  • It does not play label tricks. It really sells protein meat that has 90% of real meat protein.
  • It has till now delivered 200,000,000 meals and delivers to the door steps and has excellent customer services.
  • It has eco-friendly packaging and has flexible ordering system.

Important things to know about the Farmers Dog Food:

We will discuss in detail the reviews and ratings of the Farmers dog food below. Following are the important details and frequently asked questions about this food:


  1. Farmer’s dog food ingredients.
  2. Farmer’s dog food recipe.
  3. Farmer’s dog food cost.
  4. Farmers dog food reviews.
  5. Farmer’s dog raw food.
  6. DIY Farmer’s dog food.
  7. Farmer’s dog food login.
  8. Farmer’s dog food stock.
  9. Is farmer’s dog food good for dogs?
  10. Where is the Farmer’s Dog located?
  11. Is Farmers dog a good company?
  12. Is the farmer’s dog food vet approved?
  13. Where to buy the Farmer’s Dog food?
  14. How much is the Farmer’s dog monthly?
  15. How much is the Farmer’s Dog per week?
  16. Is the farmer’s dog worth the price?
  17. How long does farmer’s dog food last?
  18. Do you refrigerate farmer’s dog food?
  19. Conclusion

Farmer’s dog food ingredients:

The key ingredients include:

  1. Meat.
  2. Vegetables.
  3. Fiber-rich foods.
  4. Supplemental nutrients.


The major ingredient of the Farmers curb food includes protein source of whole meat. It does not contain any processed meat which therefore makes it easily digestible and a healthier choice for your curb. Their recipes contain meat like turkey, pork, chicken, whole beef, beef and chicken liver.


It has farm fresh vegetables. The vegetables mostly include green leafy vegetables like spinach, orange vegetables like carrot, beet root etc and some yellow vegetables as well. Vegetables provide whole lot of fiber and Omega 6 and 3, and on the other hand prevents dogs from cancer. They also have very important vitamins and minerals that help the hounds in fighting diseases. The other veges include broccoli, bok choy, kale and sprouts.

Fiber-rich foods:

It may also contain sweet potatoes, chickpeas and lentils which are excellent for regulating blood sugar levels, good digestion and a healthy gut in hounds.

Supplemental nutrients:

To boost the mineral and vitamin content, it also contains fish oil filled with Omega fatty acids.

It is made of quite natural and fresh ingredients that are human grade and extremely edible. It is completely made up of ingredients that are FDA approved and are according to the standards of USDA. The complete balance of nutrients, minerals, fibers and proteins makes it stand out. It is designed by veterinary nutritionists, keeping in mind the whole well being of hounds. It is cooked on a slow heat and the ingredients used are extremely light and easy on dog’s digestive system. It is free of additives and fillers.

Farmer’s dog food recipe:

There are many dog food recipes which you yourself can make at home. With farmers dog food raw range, you can make innumerable recipes for your dogs on your own.

1). Beef and chicken neck recipe:

You have to take:

  • Two pounds of beef (lean beef) with less fat, which will have 90 % of beef meat.
  • Add 3 pounds of ground chicken necks (they will help the dog food to become chewy and crunchy which will strengthen their teeth).
  • Add beef liver around one pound, one pound chicken and one pound beef heart.
  • Add 10 organic eggs.
  • Kale around 8 ounces.
  • Broccoli and dandelion greens 8 ounces.
  • Add 12 ounces of blue or raspberries.
  • 3 tsp of hemp seeds.
  • 1 tsp of mussel powder.
  • Half tsp of himalayan salt.

Grind the beef chicken bones, liver and chicken liver in a grinder and then add in the vegetables, berries and all other ingredients and mix all together. This will make the meal for minimum ten days and it is a recipe with complete nutrition with proteins, fiber, vitamins, minerals, Omega fatty acids and every thing a dog food must have.

2). Walker ville raw dog food recipe:

It contains:

  • 250 grams of beef meat or lamb meat.
  • 1 cup of carrot (chopped).
  • One cup chopped apple.
  • 1/4th cup of defrosted frozen peas.
  • 1 ½ cup of chopped pumpkin.
  • 2/3rd cup of rice boiled 3 cups almost.
  • Sunflower oil 4 tsp.
  • 4 g fish oil.

Mix all the ingredients and its ready to serve your dog for almost 3 to 4 days.

Farmer’s dog food cost:

The price of a lazy couch potato dog will be lesser than an active dog, for smaller dogs the meal plans and packages starts with just a price of $2 a day, for average dog you will have to pay $4 a day but the average price range for the day for different dogs is between $3 to $9. In a weeks count, this range for a small dog is $24 per week and for larger one is $30 per week.

The price of the farmer’s dog depends on different packagings of the food. If the food is bought in bulk, then the price will be slightly higher than the small packaging. Your curb’s weight, age, height and breed also matters. The price range for every hound differs accordingly.

Farmers dog food reviews:

It has somewhat positive reviews. No doubt it has some negative follow ups as well but just like all other dog foods it has pros and cons, good reviews and critics but overall the company’s ratings are five star and reviews are commendable. People think that its price is little higher than others but they think that this food is extremely light, natural and healthy and it has been working so well with their dog’s digestive system that it has saved them from paying hundreds of dollars to the vets.

People say that they love its nutritional value and they are convenienced to buy this food easily. People are of the view that they have noticed the clear eyes of their dogs, their skin and coat is improving and getting shinier and energy levels of their dogs have boosted up. Some say that farmers dog food has done wonders for their choosy and picky hounds and this is the only thing they eat without being nasty. Some are of the views that this food has been very helpful for their curb with allergy issues. The excellent customer service gives it a plus point.

Farmer’s dog raw food:

It also has a complete range of raw food. It has different packaging options of raw meat, beef and chicken. All the meat is packed and is completely raw. It has 85% of the ground and minced meat, beef etc and 10% of ground bones and 5% of liver content. The meat choices include beef, turkey, bacon, duck, chicken and lamb. These meats are completely natural and raw and are sourced from farms in USA. These animals used as raw food are fed on pasture grass, are completely raw and pure and meat is cold pressed and is microbe free. This raw food also contains raw pressed bones, fish oil and purified green vegetables.

DIY Farmer’s dog food:

It has recently launched a new product called as “do it yourself nutrient mix”. It is found that home made recipes are mostly deficient in nutrients and many important nutrients, so the farmer’s diy nutrient mix has become a great option to make a good dog food at home and supplement it with the nutrient mix to make it nutrient rich and more healthy. You just have to cook the meal containing the vegetables, meat, rice or any thing of your choice. Then mix all the ingredients and then add a packet of diy nutrient mix of Farmers dog into it and it will not only enhance the taste but will give your dog a meal full of minerals and nutritional supplements.

Farmer’s dog food login:

This company has an easy access and login system within its official account and website. Company requires few authentications at the login process just to make sure that the person logging in is not a hacker or a defaulter that may cause damage to the account and secondly that login process goes on smoothly. Once you login the whole process of subscriptions, food order, ordering a customized meal, getting a meal plan for your dog becomes extremely easy.

Farmer’s dog food stock:

Its stock is always up to the mark. The service is quite credible and the customer service is excellent which has made its customers quite satisfied and they have been using the company since long. The company has enough stock and it is easily available at many retailers throughout the country. Even if the demand increases, the stock supply is also increased and the company makes sure that the stock is evenly distributed throughout the country and keeps checking the demand ratio to maintain the stock according to it and never falls short.

Is farmer’s dog food good for dogs?

Yes, it absolutely is! It is very good freshly cooked food for hounds and is safe and free of any preservatives. It is packed with vitamins and minerals and contains fresh vegetables, meats, lentils and many other products. It has five star reviews and rating. The dogs can get personalized meal plans according to their needs. It has a variety of food options and the curbs show quite an improvement in their health and digestion problems after eating it, thus it’s completely safe to consume and is an excellent choice.

Where is the Farmer’s Dog located?

This company is based in the USA and is located in 214 Sullivan street New York. All the products are also made in the USA in USDA approved kitchens and delivered all over the USA.

Is Farmers dog a good company?

Yes it is a very good company as it sells good quality food for pooches and has a five star rating. All the ingredients used are of top quality and meat used is of human grade. All the ingredients are formulated in USDA kitchen and is completely safe for human and dog consumption. Its delivery service and customer service is commendable and it delivers throughout the United States. All the orders are shipped on time and all the meal plans are portioned and according to your dog’s customized needs. Its customers are satisfied and come back after great experiences, which is one of the main reasons it is considered a good company because of good reviews and people think it is good one to rely on!

Is the farmer’s dog food vet approved?

Yes, it is vet recommended, although as every food has its own critics in the same way Farmers curb food also has a group of negative critics but it is itself made by a team of vegetarians and nutritionists and it also is completely according to the AAFCO standards and its ratings and reviews are also good enough that many of the veterinarians recommend it. Being rich in minerals and vitamins, its raw range has been quite appreciated by the dog food nutritionists and now the recent diy mix range is also doing good in the market. Veterinarians recommend it as a good nutritionally balanced curb food.

Where to buy the Farmer’s Dog food?

It is easily available curb food and is available in all the shopping marts. You can also order it directly from The Farmer’s Dog official website. They are currently shipping to 48 contiguous states.

How much is the farmer’s dog monthly?

The cost per month, per week and per day may vary from breed to the different sizes of curbs, their age etc and it is very difficult to tell an exact amount as how much it may cost but approximately according to various calculations, at the least it may cost $50 and at the maximum the monthly cost may be calculated up to $500 US dollars per month.

How much is the Farmer’s Dog per week?

For smaller dogs, it costs up to $24 per week and for larger ones it may cost $30 per week.

Is the farmer’s dog worth the price?

Yes in our opinion it is definitely worthy of every penny paid on it. It offers customized meal plans to give the essential ingredients specified for different types of pooches. The food is farm fresh and frozen and is of high quality.

How long does farmer’s dog food last?

As this food is completely natural and has no additives, artificial flavors or preservatives, therefore it can last just for few days. At the maximum, this food will last up to 4 days. However, if the package is sealed and kept in refrigerator, then it can last up to 4 months in frozen form but once opened and used, the open package must be used within four days because after that it may expire even in the fridge because of the microbial presence.

Do you refrigerate farmer’s dog food?

Yes definitely! we need to refrigerate it as it is fresh and specially the raw range cannot stay fresh without refrigerator. We have to freeze it in order to use it for few days. If kept in refrigerator, it can last up to 4 months but without freezing, it cannot stay for long at normal room temperature so it is necessary to refrigerate it.


Farmer’s dog food is one of the best options if you want to move your hound from kibble to the fresh food which is the best alternative for your curb. By introducing this, your canine friend may feel healthier with a shinier coat, increased energy and less smelly odour. The minerals and vitamins are a boost to the body and this food has extremely good effects as it has Probiotics, Prebiotics and anti-inflammatory properties. You will never regret introducing it to your curb!

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