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Why is it important to have a dog food advisor?

Trusted dog food advisor is inevitable nowadays. Dogs are the pets which many people keep with love at their homes. Owners treat their pups like their children and as people are concerned about their children’s health, they are also conscious about their dogs’ diet. With so many food companies in the market with billions of products, it is difficult to make a decision which is authentic with pure material and which is not. Many companies have been reported using contaminated products and many cases have been reported in regard to human beings and animal products that those food companies used degraded raw material for preparing food.

In this scenario it becomes very difficult for human beings and for pet owners to recognize brands which are authentic and use 100% natural and clean raw material.


  1. Why do you need a trusted dog food advisor?
  2. Is a Dog food advisor your guide to the right dog food diet?
  3. Is dog food advisor an accessible and reliable online site?
  4. Is dog food advisor legit?
  5. Is dog food advisor vet recommended?
  6. Dog food advisor reviews / what do people who used it think about it as a website?
  7. Who is the founder of the dog food advisor, its headquarters, employees working in it? Its revenue 2021 to 2022?
  8. How does the dog food advisor work?
  9. Is dog food advisor a reputable website?
  10. Who are the dog food advisor’s competitors?
  11. Technologies used by dog food advisor.
  12. Conclusion.
trusted dog food advisor

As the varieties of dog food in the markets have increased tremendously, to solve this problem of dog owners, a private website named as “dog food advisor” was launched in 2007 by Mike Sagman. This is the place which provides professional services to the clients. Food advisor is responsible for not only investigating the company’s repute but also the material it uses, the additives it puts into, their side effects and then rate them accordingly for people to know that what product to buy and what not. In short, it has made life convenient for clients who may easily get to know that which company is reliable. It provides legal consultancy to clients as well. It helps the clients to understand the values in the food systems. Thus Dog Food Advisor is a huge contribution to health systems nowadays with not only contributing to better understanding of health problems but also the ways to cope with them.

This website keeps in check the calorie count going in the pups tummy. They also make sure that the pups eat clean, homemade dog food with less preservatives and additives. Dog food advisor along with that has a great research history since 2008. The research team has researched over 5373 dog food products and have reviewed them. They have also gathered and written all the important statistics and facts about the products.

Why do you need a trusted dog food advisor?

Just like kids, dogs need a balanced diet and nutrition for their healthy growth. Their diet must have an equilibrium between proteins, minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins. Few years back people used to pick up any dog food whatever they found in stores but now people and especially dog owners are very picky regarding their choice in dog food. So rather visiting a veterinarian or a professional each and every time for the food suggestions for your canine friend, the website Dog Food Advisor has solved the problem.

Dog food advisor has come to the owners rescue. It is a great website that gives all the advice and helps you find the best food for your dog. It will suggest you the best dog food company with the best reviews. It also plays the role of store Locator as to where that food will be available and shows the nearest stockist.

Dog food advisor also helps identify the owners with the brands that are original and genuine. Some brands are fraudulent and claim to be selling original products but in fact they sell low quality products and dog food advisors also helps owners to identify such brands. It also tells the food suitable for every breed. This site can be a best option when you don’t know which food is best suited for your dogs specially if your canine friend is suffering from any illness. It recommends healthy food suitable for that illness.

Is a Dog food advisor your guide to the right dog food diet?

Dog food advisor is a go to place for honest advice for your pup. Every dog requires different food according to its physical health, its breed and type. The pregnant and lactating dogs need more nutrients than the ordinary dogs because of their condition. Such dogs if not given a proper diet may lose their baby or their baby may be born with malnutrition or other disabilities. So the dog food advisor in such cases tells all the proper care required for lactating and pregnant dogs.

dog with the dog food advisor

Some breeds are hyperactive and they can digest more calories than other breeds. So, in such cases this website comes in to fill the gap and thus helps you find the right dog food according to your dog’s needs and breed. Many dogs are completely different than others. They might be suffering from any health issues or allergies. So, in such cases the site assists you in finding the right product and food that are free of a particular product. For example, if the dog has a peanut allergy, then this site can find and display all the brands in front of you that are free from peanut oil and peanut butter to choose from.

Is dog food advisor an accessible and reliable online site?

Yes, it is a great site for honest reviews of the curb products. But how far is it an accessible and reliable site, is questionable. So in order to find the answer we have decided to look into its reviews. According to the reviews, it definitely is an easily accessible and reliable dog food site.


  • Sponsorship

The site claims that all the reviews present on the site are completely honest and unbiased because they do not sponsor any dog food companies or brands and thus it takes the side of no particular brand to be shown as best.

  • Evaluation

It is reliable in a sense that the team behind the site makes sure that all dog food brands are properly evaluated, all their ingredients are properly researched and let people know where they are being sourced from.

  • Feedback

The site explains the importance of the food nutrients their dogs are taking and also that every pet owner should make sure to leave their reviews and feedback for others to better understand which product is good and which is not.

  • Investigation

The team properly scrutinize the label given on the packets. They have all the statistics and side effects of that particular dog food. They also have claims by the company and potency of the product. All these details are collected from the articles on different sites and other information is collected from the retailers and stalkers that customers are preferring this food for their dog or not and what is its demand in the market.

The site has long lists of food for dogs. The ranking is done according to the numbers from best to the bad dog food with analysis tables. Tables for special canines with different health issues are present like dogs with sensitive stomach, skin diseases, and allergies. Their specialized dog food is also mentioned in the tables.


This site is an easily accessible site. You can just search for it and easily can scroll down all the information. But for a specific advice, you first need to check FAQ page as all the questions are already answered there. But if you think your relevant question is not in FAQ’s, then you need to enter your email along with your message on Guest Support Page.

Is dog food advisor legit?

Yes it is legit, as it provides about reviews of 600 products and is increasing with passage of time. The only way of telling whether its legit or not is the way how they rate the dog food and its procedure. This site says that it rates all the products by using resources from the National Library, which is a public medical library. Therefore, this site presents officially approved dog food labels only. This is of great help to people who own pets and urgently need help for their pups.

Is dog food advisor vet recommended?

Yes! It is vet recommended and vet supervised. It has a huge staff and it has included a veterinarian on board and therefore it gives all the medical and nutritional advice under complete veterinary supervisions.

All the nutritional recommendations are made by vets in the site. Dog food advisor gives honest reviews on all the food products and ingredients used, their benefits and their side effects and puts up those food recipes and recommends only those food companies that are recommended and recognized by vets and dog nutritionists as safe.

Dog food advisor reviews/ what do people who used it think about it as a website?

Dog food advisor as a site has very good reviews. Most of the people think that it is quite an informative site for the dog owners. People think that dog food advisor not only provided them with guideline of proper food for their dog but also has given the guidelines to which food is good for their dog but also good for their pocket or budget friendly. The site also gives the recall notifications from time to time.

People have said that they have checked and verified the information present on the site from time to time and found it to be authentic and true and therefore they trust the content on the website. People also think that a food advisor listens to their problems and have always received help and support regarding their questions related to their dog’s food.

Who is the founder of the dog food advisor, its headquarters, employees working in it? Its revenue 2021 to 2022?


This site was founded by Dr Mike Sagman who is professionally a dentist. He graduated from Medical College of Virginia with a Doctorate in Medical Surgery Degree. He also in addition has studied human nutrition. He runs the site under his own personal supervision and posts the dog food reviews and their recalls regularly. The site was made in 2007 when Sagman had his own bad experience with packed dog food as a result of which his own dog died.

Head quarters:

Dog food advisor headquarters are in Williamsburg Virginia 23188 United States.

Total no of employees:

Dog food advisor has a total number of 25 employees currently working for the website.

Revenue 2021 to 2022:

The 2021 to 2022 12 month revenue is ranked at 89352, which clearly shows how big this enterprise has grown into.

How does the dog food advisor work?

Dog food advisor is working globally as a huge dog food site. It is evaluating about 900 brands and puts forward analysis of every brand and their ingredients.

It ranks them with star ratings, puts up their reviews, ranks them in tables according to their stars and also ranks them according to ingredients. There is also a dog food calculator on the website. If you want a personalized food according to your dog’s needs, then just put in the requirements and the dog food advisor will let you know what to buy for that along with its calorie count and ingredients.

It has a Guest Support section on website, where you can ask them questions and they will answer. They also give warnings if certain dog food is harmful or has some unhealthy ingredients etc. The dog food advisor team includes an assistant for research, a vet, and a social media administrator. They offer huge discounts mostly 30% discount coupons on first time purchase of dog food from them and also offer free delivery.

Is dog food advisor a reputable website?

Yes definitely! Dog food advisor is quite reputable site globally. It is at number 9976 in United States and 39736 number globally. It has a huge audience that is increasing day by day. Many people come searching here for proper dog food, this means that dog food advisor has no doubt a great repute and is quite famous among the pup owners.

Because of a good reputation, they are also able to gather much confidential information about company executives, their secret ingredients, whistle blowers, companies nutritionists and product designers. The reviews are then written on that behalf, so not only labeled information is checked but insider information is also taken into consideration before reviewing. The information is also gathered from public sources. The company also gets a great reputation from the fact that it does not take money from any dog food brand for advertising or rating its product higher than the others.

Who are the dog food advisor’s competitors?

Now along with dog food advisor many other website and companies have arrived in the market and are trying to make their mark in dog food market by giving reviews, suggesting dog food to the people, doing recalls and researches, making recommendations, giving discounts, doing research etc. They are named as:

  • Abracadabra pet center
  • Dog food coupons
  • Pet tutorial
  • Garden of the paws
  • The dog bar
  • Nutri-vet
  • Pets tutorial
  • Professional all breed
  • The pampered pet

Technologies used by dog food advisor:

This organization is using modern technologies and apps to promote and advertise its website and platform. Currently it is using almost all social media platforms. It uses Twitter, Tweet button, Facebook analytics, etc.


To conclude, Dog Food Advisor is an extremely helpful site regarding dog food products. It provides proper guidelines for the dog food, gives honest reviews not only with surface but also using confidential information which makes it quite reliable. Despite facing a lot of enmity, CEO degradation and criticism, this website is reaching pinnacles with huge traffic on the website. People are regularly using dog food advisor due to its reliability and accessibility and extremely unbiased information and reviews on the dog food. The owner of the site wants to make sure that dogs are getting quality food and he is trying to educate dog owners about the best ingredients for dogs.

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