Diamond Puppy Food Review

A good puppy food should be of excellent nutritional qualities which shouldn’t ignite allergies and other diseases. Diamond Puppy Food which is being used immensely around the world has all the above qualities to rate it among the top puppy food brands. Either food should help in puppy development, bone health and must fulfill the dietary needs of pup.

Food choices for our beloved dogs can be very difficult when one wants to bring home best food for his or her puppies. Puppies in their growing stages need nutrition that should be jam packed wit proteins and other natural foods. So, one needs a puppy food that contains a balanced diet that is neither too heavy nor too lean.

Popular Diamond Puppy Dog Food – Review:

Here is a detailed review on all the types of Diamond Puppy Food along with the most popular ones available in market with their nutritional value and ingredients


  1. What is diamond puppy dog food?
  2. Diamond puppy food ingredients
  3. Diamond puppy food types
  4. Diamond puppy food feeding chart
  5. Diamond puppy food price
  6. Where to find Diamond puppy food?
  7. Is diamond puppy food good quality?
  8. Is diamond puppy food good for puppies?
  9. Is diamond dog food killing dogs?
  10. Is diamond dog food being recalled?
  11. Is diamond puppy food vet approved?
  12. Shop diamond puppy food
  13. Conclusion

What is diamond puppy dog food?

Diamond puppy food is a pack full of nutrition for the growing, pregnant and milk feeding dogs. Its formula is a great solution of protein which is extremely important for the healthy growth of a puppy. It is one of the most wanted dog foods in the world. It promises to provide a full pack nutrition to your loved pups.

Diamond puppy food ingredients

The ingredients included in Diamond puppy dog food are carefully picked from the farm in USA and are completely organic. This package includes the following ingredients:

  • Chicken by-product meal (provides high amount of protein which is good for muscle maintenance).
  • Whole grain ground corn (corn has rich fatty acids in it that protects cells from damage).
  • Wheat flour (Wheat makes the puppy coat gloss and scrub its teeth).
  • Wheat pulp (provides lots of fiber to the dogs that helps in stool consistency.)
  • Chicken fat.
  • Dried beet pulp.
  • Egg product (Egg white, yolk, and egg shells are all used. Dried eggs added to the food are excellent source of protein and easily digestible).
  • Natural chicken flavor.
  • Flax seed (these are an extremely healthy product that improve dog’s skin and gives them shiny coat. It is also a big source of omega 6 and omega 3).
  • Fish meal (It provides a large amount of amino acids, protein, large amount of minerals, fats and huge quantity of omega 6 and omega 3).
  • Salmon oil (good for skin and coat, it helps increase dogs learning and memory system, and also improves dog’s heart health).
  • Probiotics (Probiotics present in diamond puppy food include k9 strained. Probiotics are actually friendly bacteria that help in digestion.)
  • Antioxidants (like selenium zinc and vitamin E, which are responsible for strengthening the immune system of the puppy and also help the dog body to fight allergies and diseases).
  • Omega fatty acids (They make doggy skin shiny and healthy).
  • DHA “docosahexaenoic acid” (It is mostly sourced from salmon oil and is most important for pregnant dogs as it passes on omega 3 and 6 from mother to the baby pup).
  • Vitamins and minerals (such as zinc, magnesium, manganese, sulphate and biotin that are essential for growth and development of your pups).

Diamond puppy food types:

There is a wide range and variety in Diamond dog food each for different age groups.

Blue diamond puppy food:

It is a life protection mixture with all the essential vitamins and antioxidant that your pet needs for its health safety.

  • It contains DHA and ARA that is highly beneficial for the cognitive development of your pet. It supports muscle development and has unique “small bite” kibble.
  • It is made with chicken and brown rice.
  • Its ingredients also include de-boned chicken, wholesome grains, healthy fruits and veggies.

Diamond Naturals Puppy Food:

This is a solution made for the pups according to their age. People complaining about their pup allergies are quite satisfied with this amazing formula. Its ingredients are one of the reasons why it’s so much popular among the types. Also, its price is one of the main reasons that people are loving this around the world.

Diamond Pro89 Dog Food:

Diamond pro89 is a dog food filled with healthy probiotics. Pro89 is priced at $54 US dollars which is quite reasonable price in which you can buy 40 lbs of this food. The overall reviews of this dog food are excellent and customers rate it as a five star product and out of 100 reviews this food gets 87% of positive remarks. It is highly recommended as it contains fiber in the form of grains, good amount of protein in the form of pork and meat. Thus overall, it serves as a complete dog food formula which helps dogs in digestion and aids in the maintenance of good energy levels.

One complaint that is often commented is the high level of calories in pro 89 due to which the product should be given in small quantities as directed on the food pack. Large amount of food given to the dogs can cause quick weight gain.

Diamond Care Dog Food:

Diamond has designed Diamond Care Dog formula specially for the dogs that are constantly suffering from digestive problems like loose stools. It is formulated with antioxidants and probiotics and it contains a total of 410 kcal / cup of calories. It also contains omega 6 and 3 which helps with skin allergies and coat.

Not only this, Diamond Care strengthens dogs immunity system and the presence of minerals like selenium, vitamin E and zinc helps to fight against diseases. Most of the positive reviews are of the customers that are happy for using this product because of its digestive properties. Thus for dogs suffering frequently with digestive problems, gastric issues, loose stools their owners consider this food as best for their hounds.

Diamond Senior Dog Food:

Diamond Senior Dog Food is a dry food formula which is mostly meaty. This formula is best designed to meet the dietary needs of elder dogs that need nutrition and higher levels of protein for energy.

  • It containes large amount of proteins and carbohydrates, which should be in less quantities to call it balanced diet for dogs.
  • It also contains brown rice and oatmeal (that are excellent source of fiber).

Calorie Count: is 3400 kcal/kg.

This food however may not be considered a balanced formula for the dogs with digestive issues, and allergies etc.

Diamond Performance Dog Food:

Diamond Performance is a dog food formula specially designed for adult aged dogs. Its ingredients contain:

  • Grains.
  • high protein.
  • Fish meat.
  • Minerals.

Calorie Count: 3870kcal /cup of calories.

Having a large quantity of protein provides large amount of energy to adult dogs thus helping their bodies to function accurately. Having fish meat, this food is full of omega fatty acids that are excellent for shining skin and serve as excellent armor against skin allergies. It also has an amalgamation of minerals including Vitamin E that is excellent for skin and immune system.

This formula is designed to cater the needs of extremely active dogs mostly of athletic qualities, super active and competitive ones. Diamond performance formula is filled with high protein content and fats to help dogs use them for strength and increase in their endurance. It is also considered good for the pregger dogs and puppies. This food does wonders in improving the vision and brain development of adult dogs.

Diamond Puppy 40lbs:

This mixture is specially put forward for the pregnant dogs. It is also useful for the adult dogs. It has:

  • 31% proportion of protein.
  • 20% of fat.
  • omega 6 and omega 3 from fish oil.
  • DHA.

Calorie Cout: 3973kcal/cup of calories.

The fish oil adds in the large amounts of omega 6 and omega 3 which helps in overall development of the new pup growing inside the womb. DHA helps in the development of the brain and vision and it also promotes healthy skin and shiny coat.

However, it is made for all the age groups because it has a complete balanced diet. It is also very good and an affordable dog food for the young ones. The blend of proteins, antioxidants and fatty acids helps in growing a strong immune system.

Diamond Puppy Food Large Breed:

This diamond dog food is made to serve large and heavy breeds and dog bodies. It is rated as 4.9 out of 5 by the customers. It has:

  • Balanced amount of fat and protein level.
  • Chondroitin and glucosamine.
  • No Soy, wheat, or corn reserves.
  • Omega 6 and 3.
  • DHA deposits.
  • Probiotics.
  • Vegetables.
  • k9 strain.

Calorie Count: 3650kcal/cup of calories.

The fats and proteins provide proper nutritional nurturing to large breed dogs. The chondroitin and glucosamine help in maintaining healthy bones and joints. The excessive amount of omega 6 and omega 3 reserves enhance their skin quality and shimmer. The DHA deposits aid in eyes and brain development along with calcium for stronger bones.The probiotics are extremely helpful in fighting diseases. The large number of vegetables like carrots, papaya, kale make it a balanced diet. This formula has k9 strain (living micro-organisms) that boost immunity and are extremely good for digestion.

Diamond Natural Dog Food:

It is a premium quality dog food. Its prices are quite reasonable and extremely budget friendly and the reviews are encouraging.

  • It is made up of rice and meat as the main ingredients.
  • Corn and wheat are not present in it.
  • It has a good composition of carrot, spinach and coconut.

It does have all-natural taste. It comes packed in just two sizes one is 6-ounce pack other is 40-pound pack. It is highly energizing and has other protein sources in it other than meat. This is formulated for large dogs and has many ingredients for maintaining bone health.

Diamond Puppy Food Feeding Chart:

Diamond puppy food comes with a feeding guide chart that helps the owner learn the amount of food required. The feeding requirement for each age and weight is different. Pups under 12 months are given the food ranging from 1/3 rd to 5 ½ cups. After the pups enter the adulthood, they require different quantity of food.

Diamond Puppy Food Price:

Diamond puppy food is available in their quantities 8 pounds, 20 pounds and 40 pound.

  • The 8-pound pack is priced at 23.99 US dollars.
  • The pack of 20-pound diamond food is priced at 54.44 US dollars.
  • The 40 pound pack is priced at 68.99 US dollars.

Where to find Diamond puppy food?

Diamond puppy food is available on the worldwide famous shopping website amazon which delivers it to your doorsteps. Moreover, it is present in all the local shops worldwide. It is also sold on local online stores of different countries. Diamond is a famous brand for puppy foods, so due to its popularity it is available all around the world.

Is Diamond Puppy Food good quality?

Yes! It is ranked the best among all other puppy food companies because it offers premium quality. Before using this company, people were constantly complaining about dog allergies but after switching to this brand they didn’t face any allergic reactions and dog owners were completely satisfied which is a proof of its good quality.

Diamond puppy food is considered to be an up to the mark brand for the puppies. The major reason this brand stands out than others is:

  • It has meat proteins in large amounts while other dog food may contain high protein ratio of other sources of protein other than meat.
  • Quality is majorly depicted by customer reviews and diamond’s quality is clearly depicted by its 4.5 star reviews.
  • Diamond uses all the natural ingredients flavors in puppy food.
  • It is the most recommended food by pet owners and veterinary doctors that is a proof of its quality.
  • It meets all the criteria of AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) and has all the nutritional supplements a good dog food requires. It uses advanced safety protocols to maintain and ensure the quality.
  • Diamond conducts around 1600 microbial tests and these tests are conducted every week.

Is Diamond Puppy Food good for puppies?

Yes it absolutely is! There are hundreds of brands selling dog food but what makes diamond food so famous is because of its uncountable nutritional benefits. It contains a good amount of protein, which is best for the well being of the dog. It has almost 4.5 star reviews on each website selling it. It is the best tailored recipe for upbringing of the puppies.

Diamonds huge range of products have proved that not only are these budget friendly but is extremely chewy and has natural flavors. It has probiotics, omega 6 omega 3 and antioxidants that are extremely helpful for fighting against diseases and strengthening the immune system. This is a High protein formula for every dog category whether it is puppies, adult dogs, senior dogs or heavy breeds.

Is Diamond Dog Food killing dogs?

No! Diamond dog food is considered one of the best nutritional pet foods available in the market. It has no toxic ingredient that could harm a dog. The reason for pups dying are believed to have eaten contaminated food. The puppy deaths may be the result of other reasons such as dog allergies, cancers, etc.

Is Diamond Dog Food being recalled?

Yes! Diamond puppy dog food has been recalled over the years for a few times. The recalls took place in 2012, and these recalls were because of Salmonella contamination.

Is Diamond Puppy Food vet approved?

Yes, Diamond puppy food is listed third on vet recommended foods because of its commendable ingredients. It is a high-quality dog food approved by majority of the vets and even the owner of the pets.

Shop Diamond Puppy Food:

You can easily shop this super quality puppy food from leading stores like Walmart, Petco, and Tractor Supply.

Diamond Puppy Food Walmart:

Shop Diamond puppy dog food at Walmart.

Diamond Puppy Food Petco:

Shop Diamond puppy food at Petco.

Diamond Puppy Food Tractor Supply:

Shop Diamond puppy food at Tractor Supply.


Diamond dog food through the years by its quality products have gained thousands of customers around the world who trust this brand for their dogs. The brand also along with meat and proteins uses super quality ingredients in their product. Thus, diamond puppy and dog food has now become a most trusted brand around the globe with huge number of success stories of the customers.

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