Is dehydrated dog food good for dogs?

Dehydrated dog food is basically a food that is completely dried and its water content is removed on a low heat. But it is not dried like other commercial foods are dried (on high heat due to which all of their nutrients are gone). In dehydrated food, the food is cooked on the slow heat and all the nutrients remain intact, therefore it is best for hounds. Also when re-hydrated in water, it absorbs a lot of water that your curb can never be dehydrated. It has all the nutrients like Proteins, Carbs, Fats, Enzymes, Omega fatty acids, Minerals etc that help with dog’s digestive issues and prolonged allergies.

Is dehydrated dog food safe for dogs?

Yes, it is safe for hounds and has no toxic ingredients. Let’s find out some more details about all the categories of dehydrated dog food along with the best known brands and the most frequently asked questions.


  1. What is dehydrated dog food?
  2. How long does dehydrated dog food last?
  3. What is the best dehydrated dog food?
  4. What is the difference between freeze dried and dehydrated dog food?
  5. Can I make my own dehydrated dog food?
  6. Do you have to add water to dehydrated dog food?
  7. Is dehydrated dog food healthy?
  8. Is dehydrated dog food better than kibble?
  9. Is dehydrated dog food raw?
  10. Does dehydrated dog food go bad?
  11. Dehydrated dog food recipes.
  12. Dehydrated dog treats.
  13. Dehydrated dog food toppers.
  14. Dehydrated dog food brands.
  15. Dehydrated dog food reviews.
  16. Cheapest dehydrated dog food.
  17. Dehydrated raw dog food.
  18. Dehydrated dog food for camping.
  19. Dehydrated dog food for puppies.
  20. Dehydrated dog food for kidney disease.
  21. Dehydrated dog food near me.
  22. Conclusion.

What is dehydrated dog food?

It is a curb food that is made from natural ingredients and raw material and is cooked on a very low flame to remove the water content and moisture until it is dry. However in the whole process, the nutritional value of ingredients is not gone and is retained in the food along with all the Enzymes, Vitamins and Minerals. It is free of preservatives and additives or any kind of fillers. It is not highly processed like kibble(dry dog food) in which the food is cooked on high heat, dried to the fullest and therefore nutritional value of such food does not remain intact.

How long does dehydrated dog food last?

It can last longer just as the dry curb food lasts. It can last from 6 months to almost one year. Anything that has its moisture completely removed can last longer because the microbial attacks occur mostly on the foods with greater moisture content. The long lasting of this curb food depends on:

  • Temperature at which it is stored. If it is stored at low temperatures, then it may last longer. At high temperatures, the food may expire quickly.
  • Package opening, once the air tight seal packing is opened and food is exposed to air, it is vulnerable to microbial attack. Therefore always keep the opened food in an airtight container or packet to store for a longer time.

What is the best dehydrated dog food?

Natural pet easy raw food:

It is considered to be the best dehydrated curb food.

  • It is made up of human grade ingredients and the ingredients that are least processed.
  • It is highly nutritive and AAFCO approved.
  • It has the flavors of turkey and sweet potato and both flavors are loved by the hounds.
  • The protein is used raw, like raw turkey is added in it.
  • It has added enzymes and amino acid content.
  • It delivers food to your doorsteps and offers subscriptions. Also it has very good customer reviews and has a huge customer following.

What is the difference between freeze dried and dehydrated dog food?

The major difference between both is the moisture content. In dehydrated curb food, the moisture is removed up to 90 to 95% while in freeze dried curb food, the moisture is removed from 98 to 99%. This means that freeze dried food is drier than dehydrated curb food. Also, dehydrated food has 5% of moisture while the freeze dried one just has around 1% of moisture content left. However, freeze drying has more nutritional value as it freezes and locks all of its nutrients like Enzymes, Minerals and Vitamins. It also has better appearance than dehydrated curb food.

Can I make my own dehydrated dog food?

Yes, you can make your own dehydrated curb food at home. For this you need to buy a dehydrator and it’s quite an investment. Once you buy a dehydrator, then just cut the slices of the ingredients and put them on the dehydration tray and your dehydrated curb food is ready. But instead of buying a dehydrator, most of the customers prefer buying this food from the market.

Do you have to add water to dehydrated dog food?

Yes definitely! you have to re-hydrate this food. Once you open the packet, just put the food in the bowl and soak it in water for some time to re-hydrate it. When the food swells and becomes soft, serve it to your doggy. Adding water into this food is necessary because eating dehydrated dry food may cause different stomach problems in hounds.

Is dehydrated dog food healthy?

Yes, it is quite healthy.

  • As though water content is removed for preservation purposes but still it is cooked on a very slow heat that its natural nutrients and taste is retained.
  • It does not have any fillers, artificial coloring or flavors, therefore it is healthier.
  • It is very good for indigestion and sensitive stomach.
  • It has same nutrients as fresh food, only water content is removed.

Is dehydrated dog food better than kibble?

Yes, it is better than Kibble in every possible way.


  • It has 5 to 10% of moisture and causes dehydration in hounds.
  • It may also cause many other problems like indigestion, upset stomach, aggravates allergies and has many hidden ingredients which may cause a lot of health issues in curbs.
  • In order to digest kibble, the body organs like liver and kidneys have to provide the moisture for digestion thus also causing great dehydration for these organs.

Dehydrated curb food:

  • It is healthy and has all its nutrients intact.
  • When re-hydrated and soaked in water, it does not remain dehydrated anymore.
  • It takes with it a huge amount of water to the dog’s stomach.
  • It never causes dehydration and is very healthy and good for the health of curbs.

Is dehydrated dog food raw?

Yes, it is completely raw. Although this food is dehydrated and water is removed which changes its appearance but all the nutritional value like Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids, Enzymes of this food reside inside it as it is not subjected to high heat. It also has no added preservatives and artificial flavors. It has all the similar properties like the raw food.

Does dehydrated dog food go bad?

Yes, this food can go bad once it’s kept for extra long time. Its life also depends on the production, the brand and the quality it has. It usually has a shelf life from 12 months to 2 years. But after that, it can go bad once it passes its limited time span. For example,

  • It starts giving off a bad odor.
  • There can be mold seen on it.
  • Its texture can turn chewy.
  • Its taste may turn tangy.

Dehydrated dog food recipes:

Homemade dehydrated dog food is easy to cook just in one condition that you should have a good dehydrator at home. Having a dehydrator will make it easy for you to make a lot of dehydrated recipes at your home.

1). Dehydrated homemade chicken jerky:

Chicken jerky is one of the best dehydrated foods for hounds because it contains plenty of proteins. Chicken also has abundance of Omega fatty acids that makes the curb feel fuller for a longer time. Your curb will love eating this chicken jerky and will always crave for more. The ingredients for this recipe include:

  • Chicken(thin cut into long slim slices, should be clean and fat-free).


You just have to put the chicken slices into the dehydrator and wait for it until it shrinks and all the moisture is removed from it. It is then ready to be served to your hound.

2). Sweet potato banana and turkey recipe:


  • 2 bananas (Peeled and cut into round slices).
  • 2 sweet potatoes (Peeled, skin removed and cut into round slices).
  • Turkey/chicken cut into long slices.


Take round cut banana and sweet potato slices and place them on the dehydrator on a sheet. Let them bake at 125 degrees until they are completely dehydrated and crispy. Then on another silicon sheet, place the turkey or chicken slices into a dehydrator until they are dry and crispy with all the water removed. Mix the dehydrated chicken/turkey, banana and sweet potatoes and it will form a complete nutritional meal for your curb.

Dehydrated dog treats:

Dehydrated treats for dogs are crispy, one ingredient recipes that you can use for dog’s munching. These treats can be easily prepared at home and are extremely easy and simple. Here are some yummy dehydrated treats that you can serve to your canine friend:

1). Dehydrated meat strips:

Just cut any meat and remove all the extra fat. Then cut stripes of meat. The stripes should be very thin, one inch in width. Then place the stripes on the baking tray of dehydrator and start the dehydrator. It will take almost 4 hours for these. Once done, serve it to your pooches.

2). Dehydrated sardines:

Dogs usually love the taste of sardines and it is one of their favorite treats to chew on. To prepare their treats for curbs, sprinkle some salt on sardines to give them an extra flavor, then place them on the dehydrating rack and let it dehydrate for almost 24 hours until they are fully dried out. You can give this treat between the walks and meals at playtime or before sleeping.

Dehydrated dog food toppers:

1). Wellness core bowl boosters functional dry dog food topper:

It is one of the best dried food raw toppers for hounds.

  • It is a meal mixer that enhances the food taste. It adds a burst of flavor to any curb food and even the picky eaters love it.
  • It is made with completely natural ingredients.
  • It is best for the digestive and bone health of pooches.

2). Raw paws boost flavor and nutrition pet toppers for dogs:

It is the best seasoning ever.

  • It is highly nutritious.
  • It is manufactured in USA.
  • It is grain free.
  • Its cheddar cheese flavor is most lovable.
  • It is good for the dog’s heart, weight management, stomach issues and teeth health.

Dehydrated dog food brands:

There are many dehydrated curb food brands in the market but the following are known as the best and top brands:

1). The honest kitchen dehydrated whole grain:

It is one of the most admirable dehydrated food brands.

  • It is a complete meal for your hound.
  • It has the best ratings and overwhelming reviews.
  • It has flavors like chicken, turkey, beef and salmon and is suitable for pooches of all life stages.
  • It is considered as the best dehydrated food to cater different types of dog allergies.
  • You can serve it alone as a complete meal or it can also be used as a topper in between the meals.
  • It has 24.5% of Protein, 14% of fat, 4% of fiber content along with 8% of moisture.
  • It is suggested to divide everyday pack into two servings but the amount may vary according to the dog’s breed and age.
  • It can be refrigerated for 2 to 3 days maximum.

Dehydrated dog food reviews:

It has a high market demand and the stores remain out of stock due to high demand. The customer reviews are given below:

1). Safe and yummy: Customers are of the view that this food is completely safe and according to AAFCO standards. It is made of pure and natural products and does not do any harm to the dogs.
2). Good for campings and travel: Customers reviewed that it stays fresh for a long time and is a best travel buddy for their dog. This food is easy to open and serve. Just add water and serve it! Its convenience is everything.
3). Shinier coat and overall health: Customers have reviewed that since they started giving their dog dehydrated food, they have seen visible health improvements in hounds and their coats have become shinier.
4). Free of additives: It is free of additives, preservatives and phosphate content. That is why curbs with chronic kidney diseases have visible improvement in their renal health.

Cheapest dehydrated dog food:

The Honest kitchen by far has proven to be the best dehydrated food and is easy on the pocket as well. It is extremely budget friendly. This brand not only sells the best quality dehydrated food for dogs but also gives amazing deals on dehydrated food. It offers free subscriptions and gives 40 to 50% off on items and bulk orders are given special discounts.

Dehydrated raw dog food:

Dehydrated dog food is also available in the category of raw food, and the best one is “Addiction Homestyle venison cranberry dinner dehydrated raw dog food“.

It is a raw dehydrated food.

  • Its ingredients include venison, oatmeal, potatoes, coconut oil and carrots.
  • It has total calories of about 455kcal and has total amount of crude protein of about 22% and a total fat amount of around 12%.
  • This food acts best for the curbs that have meat or poultry intolerance or allergies.
  • It has other foods like oats (full of fiber), carrots containing antioxidants and vitamins, probiotics and prebiotics along with immunity boosters.
  • It works amazing with sensitive stomachs and also coconut oil in it promotes shiny skin and coat. It has many fruit additions as well.

Dehydrated dog food for camping:

This food is usually given preference during travelling and camping trips. This is because it stays fresh for a long time. The best one for camping is Natural Pet Wholesome Homemade Dehydrated Curb Food.

  • It is budget friendly, completely grain free and easy to prepare on a trip.
  • It contains meat, veggies and fruits.
  • It has some super foods like turmeric and chia seeds.
  • It is full of nutrients. You just have to add water and wait for few minutes for it to absorb.
  • It is available in poultry, red meat and fish flavors.

Dehydrated dog food for puppies:

The Honest kitchen chicken recipe puppy blend is best for puppies in dehydrated puppy food range.

  • It has a protein mixture containing eggs and chicken. Eggs are added for excellent development of growing puppies.
  • It has a blend of salmon oil with flax seed which makes it full of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.
  • It also is very helpful to puppies for digestion.
  • It has a good percentage of fibers.
  • It is recommended for puppies by nutritionists.
  • It is easy to make, just mix water and it is ready to be served to your lovely pup.

Dehydrated dog food for kidney disease:

Some dogs may have kidney issues. So, food should be selected for them carefuly. Following is the best dehydrated food brand for dogs with kidney diseases.

Doctor Harveys the miracle dog food premix canine health:

  • It is very helpful for hounds with kidney problems.
  • It not only helps in making the kidneys strong but also helps them to function normally.
  • It improves the hydration of curbs.
  • It reduces toxicity.
  • It is manufactured in USA and customers have named it as a miracle food.
  • It is formulated with real nutrient blend with a controlled amount of protein that is very useful for kidney problems.

Dehydrated dog food near me:

It can be found anywhere as there is no water content and has a longer shelf life, therefore it is available on local stores easily. You can also find it on Amazon and Petco stores.


Dehydrated dog food is a very good and healthy option for hounds. It is a food made from raw ingredients and the moisture is removed by cooking it on a low flame. This process retains all the nutrients and enzymes. It is a best choice for traveling and camping with your curbs as it is very easy to prepare. You just need to add water into it and it is ready to be served to hounds. This food is a complete nutritional formula and is a better choice than dry kibble and has no preservatives, artificial colors, flavors or fillers. This food is raw, natural, unprocessed and is full of nutrients that curbs love to eat. It helps the hounds with digestive problems, allergies and kidney problems.

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