12 easy ways to encourage your puppy to drink water

Water is a basic need of humans and animals. If your puppy does not drink enough water throughout the day, then he might not be healthy and might be suffering from some serious health problems. There may be other reasons like kidney issues or pain in the gums due to growing teeth. Some puppies may … Read more

Why is my puppy not eating and what should I do about it?

Are you concerned about your puppy not eating anything? Puppies sometimes refuse to eat and they may be picky eaters or might be suffering from any health issues. Puppies are little creatures that every pet parent loves. These puppies are sensitive and have different eating moods at different times. If puppies stop eating for more … Read more

Diamond Puppy Food Review

A good puppy food should be of excellent nutritional qualities which shouldn’t ignite allergies and other diseases. Diamond Puppy Food which is being used immensely around the world has all the above qualities to rate it among the top puppy food brands. Either food should help in puppy development, bone health and must fulfill the … Read more