Is Human Food Good for Dogs? List of human foods for dogs

Not all the human food is good for dogs as huge amounts of sodium present in food can cause deadly health problems in dogs. Dogs have a different digestive system from humans and their digestive systems are far more sensitive than humans. Therefore, they cannot digest everything, thus causing huge disturbances in dog’s stomach leading … Read more

Is Purina a good dog food and Vet recommended? – Complete Review

Purina dog food was founded by William H. Danforth who founded the company in Missouri St. Louis, United States. His aim was to serve animals and provide them with the best nutrition which they deserve. He also wanted to make animal food convenient and readily available for customers. Nestle’s Purina company was founded in 1894 … Read more

Which Dog foods are Wsava Approved? Wsava Dog Food Guidelines

WSAVA dog food is World’s Small Animal Veterinary Association. The organization was founded in 1959. The International Association of Small Animal Specialists was its former name which was later changed to WSAVA. It is now a group of 115 countries, having members of 200,000 veterinarians from Worldwide. This association is now 60 years old and … Read more

Is Raw Dog Food diet good for dogs?

There has been a controversy regarding feeding raw dog food to the hounds but despite that raw food has been becoming a trend. Raw food is most near to nature, completely pure, uncooked, unprocessed curb food that is given to the hounds from farm to the animal’s stomach. Now huge amounts of customers are feeding … Read more