Is Homemade Dog Food Dangerous?

Is Homemade Dog Food Dangerous? As concerned dog parents search for safe alternatives, recalls of commercial dog foods produced by Menu Foods and other companies have increased recently. Since toxic contaminants were discovered nationwide causing kidney failure and death in dogs, more than 100 commercial dog food brands have been recalled. Many dog owners have … Read more

Ollie dog food review – Is it worth the Price?

The pet food industry has grown into a $30 billion industry in which Ollie dog food has made its mark. Ollie was a newly introduced dog food brand started by Alex Douzet, Slome and Randy Jimenez. It is being manufactured in Nevada United States and is a fresh curb food company that uses natural and … Read more

Pet Plate Dog Food Review – Is it worth buying?

Pet plate dog food is actually fresh food that is made up of purely organic and healthy ingredients that are of human grade. It is made of fresh meat, fruits, vegetables and is free of preservatives, food colors and artificial flavors. Pet Plate Dog Food Review This dog food since 2016 has grown to heights … Read more