Best Dog food for specific breeds

Breed specific dog food is specially designed to meet the nutritional health needs of the specific breeds to provide them with all the essential nutrients. Every dog has specifications that other dogs don’t have, like one dog breed can eat kibble while others may not, some breeds have more sensitive stomachs than others, some breeds are more prone to diabetes and allergies while others are not. Therefore, every breed needs a different type of food specifically designed according to the body chemistry of that particular breed so that it can grow and develop properly. Many brands have launched breed specific dog foods that have a team of veterinarians, food scientists and nutritionists who conduct a proper research on specific traits of dogs, recognizing their specificity and then make food accordingly to that specific trait.

What is the best food for your Dog’s Breed?

In this article we have meticulously discussed all the best and leading dog food brands for specific breeds of dogs.


  1. What Is Breed-Specific Dog Food?
  2. What Types of Breed-Specific dog Foods Are There?
  3. List of Breed-Specific Dog Food.
  4. What are The Benefits Of Breed-Specific Food for dogs?
  5. Where Can I get breed-specific food for my dog?
  6. Are Breed-Specific Dog Foods More Expensive?
  7. Can My Dog Get The Same Nutrition Without Going Breed-Specific?
  8. Do breed-specific foods help your pup?
  9. Do I need to feed a diet specific to my dog’s breed or size?
  10. Is breed-specific dog food necessary?
  11. Are breed-specific foods worth it?
  12. Is Royal Canin really breed specific?
  13. Conclusion.

What Is Breed-Specific Dog Food?

Breed specific food for dogs is a food that is made according to the:

  • Needs.
  • Body specifications.
  • Color.
  • Size.
  • Shape of a particular breed.
  • Special characteristics of that breed.
  • Health issues prevailing mostly in that breed. For example food for Labrador will always be different from food of a Yorkie or Yorkshire terrier.

What types of Breed-Specific dog Foods are there?

There are three types of breed specific food for dogs.

  • Small breed dog foods.
  • Medium breed dog foods.
  • Large breed dog foods.

Small breed dog food:

Small breeds need more energy to grow and adult small breeds need more heavy protein formula. Following are two of the best breed specific food for small breeds.

Blue buffalo life protection small breed dry dog food:

  • It is the best for small breeds.
  • It has huge amount of proteins extracted from natural sources and carbohydrates for providing more energy to the smaller breed dogs.
  • Its size is also according to the size suitable for smaller breeds to eat.

Royal Canin small breed adult dry dog food:

  • This formula of Royal Canin has also been specially designed for smaller breeds.
  • Its size, shape and texture is completely according to the needs of smaller breeds.
  • Its nutritional evaluation has been set right according to smaller dogs.

Medium breed dog food:

The most famous medium breeds among Americans are Bulldogs, Cocker Spaniels, Beagles, and Brittany. Their weight is around 20 and 50 pounds. Medium dogs are very active dogs and their metabolism levels are also very high, so they need a food with high protein formulas for proper growth and development.

Royal Canin medium dry dog food:

  • It is vets choice and is considered best for medium dog breeds.
  • It promotes high levels of digestion and enhances their metabolism.
  • It also supports the intake of fibers in the body.
  • It has huge contents of Omega fatty acids along with Antioxidants and Amino acids.
  • It also promotes healthy skin and coat of dogs.
  • It is so fulfilling that small amount of this food makes dogs feel fuller.

Taste of wild high prairie dog food:

  • It is very easy on pocket formula and is best for medium breeds.
  • It has very high and good protein content.
  • It also has a good amount of fat content that is healthy for medium breeds.
  • Its kibble size is also appropriate for medium sized breeds and is considered best for them.

Large breed dog food:

Following are the best breed specific dog foods for larger breeds:

Purina large breed turkey dry dog food:

  • This dog food from Purina has been specifically designed for larger breeds with special turkey flavor.
  • It uses high quality natural turkey protein that is best for larger breeds.
  • It has no artificial coloring or flavors along with preservatives.
  • It helps to improve dog’s digestive health and improves his immunity with immunity boosters present in it.
  • It has two size kibble so that is suitable for adults and large breed dogs.

Wellness core grain free large breed dog food:

  • It has huge amount of chicken protein with chicken meal.
  • It also has the goodness of lentils, turkey and peas.
  • It is best for the maintenance of large breeds.
  • It is grain free.
  • Its kibble size is best suitable for larger breeds.
  • It promotes good bone and joint health as it has glucosamine and chondroitin.

List of Breed-Specific Dog Food:

Following is the list of foods for some specfic breeds.

What dog food is best for bichon frise?

Royal Canin breed health nutrition Bichon Frise adult dog food is best for the bichon frise.

  • It is specially designed for their paws.
  • Its size is ideal for Bichons.
  • It has all the nutritional supplements that are necessary for the development of Bichons.
  • It is according to the body, type, shape and coat of Bichons.

Which victor dog food is best?

Victor Super Premium Dog Food and Victor Hi Pro Plus Dry Dog Food are the best Victor dog foods. These Victor foods are made with high protein contents that are best for active dogs.

What is the best dog food for dachshunds?

Royal Canin breed health nutrition dachshund adult dry dog food is best for dachshunds.

  • It is best for dachshunds that are smaller or even more than 10 months of age.
  • It is specially designed for dachshunds.
  • Its shape is according to their jaws.
  • It has huge amounts of Calcium and Phosphorus to support their bones.

What dog food is best for belgian malinois?

Eukanuba breed specific German Shepherd dry dog food is best for Belgian Malinois as they are very much prone to obesity. Therefore, their diet must be very controlled and proportionate. It must have proper amount of proteins, fats and bones that must be grounded. This dog food provides a lot of health benefits to Belgian Malinois dogs and they enjoy its flavor.

What dog food is best for blue heelers?

Blue buffalo life protection is high in meat proteins that is necessary for active dogs like Blue Heelers. It has very high quality ingredients and is rich in fatty amino acids and antioxidants along with all the necessary minerals and vitamins.

What dog food is best for corgis?

Purina Pro Plan Sport Active 26/16 is best for Corgis. Corgis are dogs with high levels of physical activity. They have very good endurance level and are very active dogs.

  • Purina pro plan active has best chicken proteins.
  • This food is filled with antioxidants.
  • It is easily digestible.
  • It has proteins of around 26% and fats around 17% in it that is ideal for dogs like Corgis.

What dog food is best for dalmatians?

Purina One Smart Blend Chicken and Rice Adult dog food is best for Dalmatians.

  • It is high in fat proteins like that of organ meat and beef.
  • It well suits Dalmatians as it uses the best protein source of chicken or turkey.
  • It has a very good flavor.

What dog food is best for great pyrenees?

American Journey Active life large breed salmon and brown rice dog food recipe is the best for Great Pyrenees.

  • Great Pyrenees take longer time to grow than other dogs that is why this breed is given large breed dog food.
  • An American journey is best for that purpose as it is best for larger breed dogs.
  • It contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids for shiny coat of dogs.
  • It is free of wheat, soy, poultry-by products and corn and it also contains no preservatives, colors or artificial flavors.

What are the benefits of Breed-Specific food for dogs?

Following are the benefits of breed specific food for dogs:

  1. It is good for dogs with allergies as it does not have any products which may cause allergies in that specific breed.
  2. Its size is made according to the teeth and jaw of a specific breed because each breed can chew a specific size of food and in breed specific dog foods, the size is made accordingly so that particular breed can chew easily.
  3. In breed specific dog foods, high quality protein sources are used.
  4. It helps with digestive problems of dogs. If a specific dog breed has digestive issues with some dog food, then breed specific dog food has less or even zero amount of that ingredient that causes indigestion in that specific breed.
  5. If your dog has diabetes, then you can get a breed specific sugar free dog food.
  6. Each dog has specific coat and requirements. So every breed specific dog food has particular ingredients to promote its coat health.
  7. It has a good effect on dog’s overall health. For example, the breed specific dog food for larger breeds promote strong bones and joints.

Where Can I get breed-specific food for my dog?

Dog food companies like Royal Canin and Eukanuba are delivering these breed specific dog foods to your door steps. They are also available online on dog food online stores and other stores like Amazon, Petsmart etc. You can order them from the company’s website or from the other local dog food stores or their online shops.

Are Breed-Specific Dog Foods More Expensive?

Yes, breed specific dog foods are made with special ingredients for every breed that are of best quality. Thus they are a bit more expensive than other dog foods.

Can my dog get same Nutrition without going Breed Specific?

Yes, your dog can get the same nutrition even if he is not on the breed specific dog food. This is because other dog foods may even have enough nutritional capabilities to fulfill the dietary requirements of dogs. According to vets, the best possible dog food is fresh food. So if your dog is on any other dog food, just make sure that it is a reputable company with good quality products and amazing customer services and reviews.

Do breed specific foods help your pup?

Yes, it does help pups.

  • It helps pups with allergies as it adds particular ingredients suitable for that dog breed.
  • It is also suitable for pups as its kibble size is according to your dog’s breed and the kibble size is made according to your dog’s jaw size so that he can chew it easily.
  • Breed specific also helps in many other ways like breeds which are more active, the breed specific dog food uses more protein contents in them so that the active breeds are able to meet up the energy levels with proper high protein nutrition.
  • It also promotes dog’s oral health and removes plaque by using different textures.

Do I need to feed a diet specific to my dog’s breed or size?

Yes, diet specific to breed or size of dogs is essential. The ingredients used in breed specific dog foods are according to the size of dogs. These breed specific dog foods are designed for one breed and they may not be suitable for all the dogs. For example, dog foods made for adult or larger breeds have extra amounts of calcium to strengthen their bones and that food when given to small breeds cannot be digested as it has huge amounts of calcium. In the same way every dog breed needs different amounts of carbohydrates and fats for energy.

Is breed-specific dog food necessary?

No, it is not compulsory. Although breed specific dog food is a good option for dogs and for the dog parents who are weight and diet conscious for their dogs. If no other food suits your dog, then you can try the breed specific dog food. It can be given as an option and it will definitely suit your dog’s breed requirements but that doesn’t mean that your dog can’t eat other foods at all. Because breed specific has not yet proven to be the best than others.

Is breed-specific food worth it?

Yes, dog breed specific formula is worth it because it is according to the dog’s chemistry and bodily needs and it might save him from many allergies and other health issues. Most of the people consider the breed specific dog foods as just a marketing formula of dog food companies and they think that they are not worth it. They think that they are same as the other dog foods and have no specialty. Till date no research has been done to prove that whether it is true or not.

Is Royal Canin a breed specific food?

Yes, Royal Canin is breed specific dog food. It makes dog foods that is used generally for all dogs but along with that it has huge range of formulas for different breeds like Royal Canin for Labrador Retriever, Royal Canin breed health nutrition for Yorkshire Terrier, Royal Canin Labrador breed health nutrition for Boxer and many more. Thus, Royal Canin has a huge range of breed specific dog foods. Royal Canin manufactures breed specific dog food for dogs because if no dog food suits your dog, then the breed specific formulas are the ones to always switch to and they will always suit your dog because Royal Canin makes it according to your dog’s breed requirements and health and body biology.


There is a great debate going on about breed specific dog food and is it worth it or not? Some people think that breed specific is just a marketing trick and in reality, the breed specific food has the same ingredients as the other dog foods and they are not at all research-based. They think that it is just a name game to gain more money from people by making them more expensive. While at the same time, there are no facts that prove that it is just a marketing gimmick. However, some people are of the view that using a breed-specific dog food has really improved their dogs’ health and as different dog breeds need different nutrition, finding the right dog food according to the size is necessary because each breed has specific characteristics with specific nutritional needs that only breed specific dog food can meet.

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